The Wake Up Package gift


Give the gift of awakening.

The Wake-up Package is V’s signature package designed to jump start the journey of awakening, set a foundation and get one gaining momentum confidently.
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A few of the many areas this package of sessions can really make a difference:

  • Spiritual guidance, methods and suggestions to break through apathy and bad habits
  • How to step into their power and realize how perfectly imperfect they really are
  • Feeling stuck and having lost touch with their true selves and with others
  • Dealing with major life changes, within and without
  • Recently encountered or gathered stress over their lifetime, including dependence or loss of a parent
  • Past hurts that have solidified into blockages, and other life struggles

If you’re not sure how I can help, or if you have any questions regarding my process and limitations, please book a Discovery Call through my appointment page.

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