My Philosophy

A little bit existential, spiritual and transcendental, my philosophy is the foundation of my work and my process. In an age of disconnect, it’s easy to get lost. I bridge the gap between the physical world and spirit world to guide you back to your True Self.

Occasionally everyone experiences something profound that leaves them desiring more from life and living. While this may bring a host of feelings, the feeling of “needing more” is quite natural. It’s just one of the ways your True Self is trying to get your attention.


We were all born with an innate potential and have entered this lifetime to have certain experiences and to learn from these experiences. Over years of conditioning (lineage, cultural influence, how we were parented, our educational systems and the media) we begin at an early age to unconsciously adopt and conform to expected roles, thought processes, and perspectives. These thoughts and expectations are all-encompassing and determine the directions we take in life, leaving us unaware of a greater potential and losing sight of who we really are.


Spirituality and self-help can appear to be glamorous. In lieu of the false promise of a multitude of self-help books and traditional therapy— that offer no desired response—my technique goes directly to the source to determine the obstacles keeping you from achieving the discovery of True Self. Once you set out to realize your full potential, and are dedicated to the work, you will begin to notice subtle shifts in many areas of your life. These shifts are often presented as opportunities to learn more about yourself and act as signs directing your way.

Anytime you learn a new skill, it takes practice to fully master it. The same principle applies to my process. When you finally feel ready to release an old pattern or mindset, it’s not unusual to find that you are confronted with it as you travel down your new path. The experience of it reappearing along with your new level of awareness dissolves the pattern.
Guided meditation helps me guide people down a path of discovery helping individuals easily reveal and connect to their truth.


At some level (soul), we have agreed to come together to share, trust and grow. I am not changing you, you are changing you! You already have everything you need inside of you: your experiences, your dreams, your living personality. I’m here to assist in guiding you back to your True Self, who is ready for you to return. At first this can be a hard concept to grasp because most of us have been conditioned to think outside of ourselves, not within. Experiences from an entire lifetime can be both positive and negative, and this process we will go through may help you understand the good and break through the bad. Either way, you’re learning from your own wisdom.


Once the obstacles and their origin are more clearly revealed the journey can begin away from ill-fitting roles and excuses and towards discovering True Self. This experience is unique and sacred for each person and has no time line. Once aware of false limitations True Self can be heard with an experience of peace.
Imagine that place where you feel complete and are consciously enjoying your life. This is available to you now, your True Self is waiting to meet you!