With a curious spirit, V is on the road to inspire communities around the globe to step into their power.


Where is Vanessa

When we become aware with who we really are inside, we are experiencing life to it’s fullest. We become receptive to all life’s offerings and from this we create a connected collective — a global community born of genuine meaning. A sort of festival of life.

Nomadic V’s purpose is to invite and support souls on their journey to self discovery, to wake up and join the universal party. As V moves from place to place, this collective gains strength with new members, wisdom from the stories of others, and total joy in the rediscovery of self.

With no real beginning or end, the collective continues down the road, calling out for others to join, to wake up to their true selves, and to celebrate life with love and barefoot abandon.

What I Do

Group Event

Bring V into your yoga studio/mindfulness space to lead a talk + guided meditation.


Are you on the mission to change the world, too? Let’s raise the vibration of the world together!

Private Sessions

V can stick around and go deeper with individuals that desire one on one time – an option following a group event.


Host V for a week or month to bring her extended services to your community.


Facilitate a retreat with your business partners or staff, invite V to join your line-up.

You Call It!

Hey, I’m open for just about anything! Submit me your unique idea and let’s talk.

Get Started

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    What's your project?

    Whether it’s a long-running project, or a whole new event, we could stir up some magic together. To get your started, some of the topics I’ve tackled in the past include Demystifying Meditation, Intuition vs. Superstition, and Activating Your Power

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    Submit me a proposal! Let’s talk about what we need to make the event a total success. I can even provide video, photography, and promotional materials – all great for your business’s social media.

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    I'm totally there

    Where do you live? I’m open, curious, and very enthusiastic to travel where ever—I’d love to visit your neck of the woods!

Download the “Get Started” PDF

Events & Community

  • Know Your Cells 2020 Virtual REPLAY

    She has helped me become more centered and to observe myself from a place of compassion; inspired me to explore new choices and become more fully aligned with my true nature.

    – Wendy Shragg


    She takes concepts and topics that have previously felt annoying or stale or taboo, and she makes them so interesting and fun!

    – Susan Ray


    The biggest thing I learned from my time with Vanessa is that I have everything I need already inside of me- I never need to look outside of myself for love, support, wisdom. This has made all the difference and I do feel like I’ve truly taken back and realized my power.

    – Alyssa Scott


    I have pursued other professionals in the past, with little to no success. With Vanessa, I have learned proactive strategies on how to be more present, mindful and overall more accepting of myself.

    – Molly Madich


    I was hesitant on calling Vanessa. When I looked at her website I thought, “Oh she is so young, what is she going to know about the life experiences of a 54 year old?” My spirit guides kept encouraging me though, so I finally called and I’m so glad I did!

    – Lori Kulberg


    It wasn’t until I started working with Vanessa that I realized there were thoughts and experiences so engrained in my mind from childhood and that they were negatively affecting my energy and preventing my physiology from changing.

    – Carolyn Filla


    My world and I have changed from the inside out.

    – Amanda Ellinghuysen


    I’ve never experienced a guided meditation like it–it is amazing!

    – Nikki Erchul