The Basic Process


Let’s Chat

We begin by simply talking about you and your needs by phone. This casual 20-minute conversation will determine our compatibility and a game plan ahead.

Discovery Call

Schedule a free 20 minute call with V


Off We Go!

I follow up with a coaching agreement and a new-client worksheet. This worksheet is a guided document that gets you really thinking about the core areas of your life before we meet, maximizing our one on one time together.

Then we meet

Conversation and guided meditation helps me guide you down a path of discovery. You’ll then begin assigned exercises to help you unwind, release, re-condition and empower you on your path.


Flip The Lens

What if the “hard stuff” isn’t actually that hard? All it really takes is a new way of viewing life: your perceptions, history, habits and environment. From there, the unseen obstructions in your life become visible.

We don’t change overnight

Together we can flip the lens and see that these obstacles are there to be learned from and then removed. With the right guidance and a little practice, you’ll be able to change your perception of any situation.


True Self

Through guided meditation, we work intuitively to clear the path of road blocks and craft the tools you need to tap into your own inner wisdom.

Once you become aware of your false limitations and practice listening to your True Self, the journey becomes something like a vacation. This includes all the ups, downs, excitement, discovery—and ultimately—a renewed sense of self.

Expected Outcomes

Self Discovery


Self Discovery

You will have had the experience of recognizing patterns that are not serving you and how to remove them. These skills will be very valuable as you continue to move forward on your journey alone.




You own your journey and feel supported moving forward. Even if there is a bump in the road (and there will be) you understand that it’s all part of the plan and accept the challenge naturally and positively.




When you align with your True Self, you’ll know. You’ll be self-guided towards enhancing areas of your life that serve you and fulfill your needs. Best of all, it seems effortless and natural to make the right choices.




That great feeling of complete awareness and satisfaction with yourself and your life! Fully awake, you will have reconnected to your True Self and learned to trust your own intuitive powers.


My Philosophy

Occasionally everyone experiences something profound that leaves them desiring more from life and living. While this may bring a host of feelings, the feeling of “needing more” is quite natural. It’s just one of the ways your True Self is trying to get your attention.

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