Ask Away!

I often get messages from people asking about some of the terms, names and concepts I use in my work—and I couldn’t be happier to answer them!

Below are a few of the most common questions, but feel free to shoot me all your questions, no matter how “weird” you think they may be.

Relationship Help
Finding my purpose
Finding my partner
Directions in Life
Direction in Business
The start-up entrepreneur
Preference of verbage! I prefer life stylist over life coach because I do not follow any sort of pre-templated program or structure.

I came to my gift through a host of life experiences that kept leading me back to myself. While it’s extremely hard work to honor every part of the journey as sacred, it can be done.

We are guided every moment of every day whether we are aware or not. Most people are not aware of this and being guided by the dogma of their past experiences and lineage connected to their ancestry.
Modern Therapy recognizes the shift in consciousness that has happened on our planet. The shift has moved us beyond our past traumas, allowing us to claim success overnight. Our minds just need to be reprogrammed. You were created perfect, whole and complete with everything you need inside of you.

The reprogramming begins by guiding you inward to face and clear any disbelief through learning how to love yourself. In order for the new programming to stick, discovering a spiritual practice that works for you helps deepen your self-knowledge and gain self-trust in your intuition.

By connecting mindfully and deeply every day through prayer and meditation, you continue to receive divine guidance every step of the way.

The Work is your personal assignments that are being divinely given to you in your life every moment of the day.

Nothing good comes without hard work.

In order to shift your current reality, you have to put pride and ignorance aside to really discover that everything on your path is actually for you.

When an individual is deeply connected to who they are they are experiencing life and all its experiences as a connected collective.

As I support people on their journey of self discovery they are waking up and joining this universal connected collective. As the collective gains new journey-ers it gets stronger and wiser and more people wake-up because of it.

The dictionary describes free will as “the ability to make a choices that are not controlled by fate or God.”

In order for good/bad, light/dark, and positive/negative to exist we have to have free will. The higher powers that be have designed this perfectly so we can have experiences and make choices.

Free will is a steady thread that runs through my work. I am not changing or fixing people. I am honoring the divine soul so you can begin to experience the divine within yourself. I am confident this is why this work works. People have been told what to do long enough. The human spirit intrinsically knows it just needs to be graced with the opportunity. This is also why I am not a fit for everybody. Having gone through this work myself, years prior to supporting other on their journey.

It is not glamorous, it is very courageous and painful to open your heart and accept and take responsibility for past trauma in not only this lifetime but past and trauma that your ancestors carried…passing it on to you.

A hypothetical existence prior to the present one, especially for those believing in reincarnation; a previous incarnation.
Think the most pure spiritual connection you could have.
It is very important to ask if your practice is rooted and sourced by Pure Source Energy.

Depending on the experience you need on your unique journey, it is common that people are connected to distortion through religion and family lineage.

Either way you will eventually evolve to Pure Source connection by always asking … “Is this Pure Source?”