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This is all the beautiful parts of you that you have been waiting to meet
In your first Initial Session V takes a deep dive into your past. Not to replay the tapes, but rather to pinpoint which tapes are still playing and where you have been creating your reality from. It is with this new awareness that V will take you into a private guided meditation to intuit, teach and share in an experience with your higher self. It is with that connection to the deep knowing of the innate self that you can begin to gain momentum and traction in your day to day life.

After your session V provides you with an extensive recap email where she gives you specific comprehensive tools, practical direction so you can maintain a specific mindfulness practice, along with a recording of your meditation session.

V has a unique way of pinpointing the exact root of the ‘problem’ to get you activated into the present moment.

Client Experiences

This Service is for those:

‣ That have focused on the physical and are no longer getting results in traditional talk therapy.

‣ That are terrified to share about their past but know it is time to let it go.

‣ That are in any sort of life transition.

‣ That know there is more for them and are ready to access it NOW!

‣ That desire to heal a relationship.

‣ That want to connect with someone who has passed.

‣ That need spiritual fertility support.

‣ That need to understand what is going on with their husband, wife and/or children.