So, if we’re all connected then why do we feel alone?

On my journey I have been experiencing feelings of being alone

It has also been coming up in my practice and conversations with friends. Realization #1 is if we can all relate to having these feelings then we are really not alone.

We have been conditioned to think we always have to be happy. If we even have the slightest feelings of sadness we are quick to judge ourselves or be labeled depressed. We are emotional beings that are designed to feel and express. The high of being happy and the low of being sad are really the same thing when you look at them on a scale. They both appear off the center line, the real goal is to achieve balance and remain neutral.

Before we can begin to regulate we need to first be ok with the circumstance, and claim responsibility. Whatever is showing up in your life, you have created… yes YOU.

What if we presented the idea that the emotional trigger is actually here to serve you, and all you need to do is be in it and feel it. Take note of your natural reaction, do you want to push it away and numb it or do you allow it to come up and honor it like you do with feelings of happiness.

When is the last time you caught yourself saying, “man, why I am I so happy right now?”

But we’re always asking…”why am I so sad, lonely or jealous?”

We separate ourselves. By becoming aware of our patterns we can begin to break them. Take note of when you feel separate and when you feel connected. How often are you challenging your thoughts? Are the majority of your thoughts just creating more of what you don’t want?

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