You are the average of the six people you hang around.

I made the conscious decision a couple years ago to attract more interesting, like-minded people into my life. This might sound crazy, but it really works.

Be aware of your own limits.

Ask yourself, what is holding me back from letting new and more interesting people into my life? Do you feel like you’re not interesting? At some level do you really enjoy the drama? Are you carrying a frequency from your lineage that keeps creating the same pattern?

average of the 6 pplProcess to Shift:

  1. Become aware; identify your fears. It’s completely normal to feel that you are not deserving, smart or good enough. Once this is identified the work can begin. It’s an easy prescription of self-love.
  2. Take note of when you are affirming these patterns and jot it down in a journal, your mind or on a device. Once you take note, let it go and be easy on yourself. Don’t fall into the shame and blame pattern.
  3. By simply being consistent with recognizing where you are reinforcing your fears, small things will start to shift.
  4. Pay attention, to who and what shows up. Let go of the control and remain open to what crosses your path. A book suggestion, lyrics in a song, words on a billboard. Don’t over think it, but if it catches your attention flow with it!

So the lyrics you’ll hear me singing;

Yes new friends, yes new friends, yes new friends, yes yes new!


Your New Friend, V