Seeing the beauty in someone else is seeing your own beauty. 

People feel when you’re in your truth.

So much that there is an uncomfortableness when you’re in peoples’ presence. I have to remind myself not to take it personally—this is just a natural reaction. We have been conditioned to blame the one that is pushing our buttons or making us feel uncomfortable.

Walk in your power knowing that your surroundings are simply reflections of what you have inside. Knowing this, you can be happy for others’ success; it is really your success, too! That level of confidence you admire in someone else, is accessible. It takes practice and consistent reframing in the mind to begin to shift what has been so indoctrinated.

Steps to increase living in your truth:

  1. Become aware…ask yourself…what percentage of my day do I spend living in my truth? Don’t be alarmed if the percentage is low, you are now aware and it can begin to increase.
  2. Become aware of what living in your truth feels like. Identify that feeling… that is your knowing. Example: I feel whole when I am engaged with my kids. I feel super connected when I am in a session with a client. I feel fulfilled when I have a productive day at work.
  3. Then, do more of these things.

If you want help increasing that percentage in 2015, let’s talk!

Wishing you a Holiday full of Happiness & Love,