Body Image

I love myself

What body part or parts do you wish you could change?

When you look in the mirror, is this “problem area” where you focus your attention? Have you ever found yourself saying, “If only this was different about me, I’d be perfect.” The reason that your stand out area is talking back to you is because every time you look in the mirror you’re giving it attention.

You’re reinforcing your “problem area” over and over again.

What if you reinforced that area with love? We need to practice loving the whole self.

You may wonder why or how did I ever start not loving myself? You have been programmed from a young age by your parents and the media to live outside of yourself. You were taught that in order to be beautiful, you needed to use some product, maintain a certain weight or have a specific body type.

I transformed after having learned this method and starting to apply it to my life. In order to transform you need to really love yourself. As you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking, “well, I do love myself.” I had that same thought, and it’s our ego telling us that. Our ego wants to keeps us from really getting to the depth that our soul wants to experience. At a soul level, your spirit knows the depth of self-love that exists. That’s why it is so important that we connect to spirit and practice self-love.

Then a process of peeling back the layers begins. Imagine peeling an onion, as those layers peel back, you are bringing up past patterns and trauma that you need to feel and possibly experience again to really release it for good. Warning, this work is not easy but the reward is magical. Your problem areas will no longer exist, true transformation on the inside happens which in turn will transform your physical image.

The little secret: we only attract what we put out.

Every time we send hate and negative messages about ourselves to those parts of us that we don’t “approve” we are signaling to others to do the same. When you shift your perception and can love every part of you, then that is exactly what you will attract.

I had been very self-conscious about my nose throughout high school and into early parts of college. I picked up my sisters “beach read” while we were vacationing one spring break in Mexico. The book was called, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. Her teaching brings everything back to loving yourself and she provides several exercises to practice.

The shift started to happen when I followed the teaching and practiced the exercises. The one that was the hardest, but helped me the most and something I recommend to clients often—is the mirror exercise:

Stand in front of a mirror
look yourself in the eyes
and say “[my name], I love you.”

After shedding some tears, I grew to love and embrace my high cheekbones and distinctive nose. These features are unique to me and rooted from my multicultural background. Once I embraced me, others could as well. I remember very clearly having gotten deep into my practice and I started having all these random people stopping to tell me how beautiful I was.

The goal is not to have all this affirmation from others, but just like in business how we put tools in place to measure results. The randomness of the people and comments were my measuring stick. Proving to me that my hard work and dedication was working.

We create our reality, so we change the label to love and we can no longer accept anything less.

Start small and identify where you want to change and focus on giving that area love. It’s going to be uncomfortable and that’s okay. Just like when you start a new workout regimen, it’s really easy to quit and give up early. But when you start to see the results it gives you that extra boost to keep going.