So we talk…and then what?

I’m confident in saying your life will change…. but I’ll give you a little more explanation.

Through our conversation and the specific questions that I ask you, I begin to see what’s possible. I see things that you sometimes can’t quite see in yourself… YET. Words from a client, 
talking with hands

“I tap brain receptors that you don’t often, if ever.”

or more simply put…

“I see your potential.”

We then set a road map that will allow you to eliminate the blocks that are holding you back from getting you to where you want to be. By simply becoming aware of the patterns and the blocks that are occurring in your life, you can begin to dissolve them so that you can go forward freely without anything holding you back.

What if I don’t know where I want to go?

Great question! I have tools and exercises that I guide and provide you with to help you achieve your dreams and desires. This is often why things are not showing up for us, if you’re not clear how can it appear.

But how will I make money?

Be patient, let me keep explaining…

By removing the patterns that are running you and taking up space. You open up so that you are ready to receive these new opportunities. Doors are going to open, people are going to show up and opportunities are going to be presented. It will be up to you to then stand at the fork in the road and decide which path you are going to go down.  The new path or the old one also known as the more comfortable one.

To keep it 100% real…

You may go down the old path a couple times and that’s okay. It’s also helpful to have me on speed dial during this time, to help remind you that it is completely normal. That just means that there are still lessons to be learned down that path. When you’re aware that there is a new path and you’re ready, you’ll go down it. Beautiful things will begin to happen on both paths. Synchronicities, relationship ease, most likely something better than you can even imagine. You will begin to experience and know that you can be grateful for it all…

even the shit, is perfect!

I once had a client say to me, “Wow, I never liked my shit so much as I do working with you…and you make it look so pretty!”

Once you’re clear of the block, it all flows, including your finances. You also will have a real knowing of what is most important to you.

This is a new philosophy, if you are shaking your head and saying this is nonsense… I challenge you to go forward with it. It is the naysayers that usually need it most.