Do you pick travel or does travel pick you? 

What adventures are on your bucket list? Sell everything and backpack, take photographs through Europe, mission trip, cliff diving?

I have found that the more I let go of planning and timing the more interesting opportunities show up in my life, especially travel.

You can pin on Pinterest, like on Instagram or make a physical vision boards all day. But…if you’re not taking action or even aware of the limits you have, you will be staying right where you are. Being the spectator, probably reading this blog and living vicariously through others, not out exploring your own adventures.

Does your self talk sound like this…

“How could I possibly do that, that’s only for a certain class of people.”

“When I have more money, I will travel.”

“When I find my partner, I will travel.“

“I have a full time job, there is no way I can take time off.”

These messages counter act your dreams and desires from manifesting.

Try this process to remove the limits and start showing up in your desired destinations:

  1. First become aware of what the messages that are limiting you are. Get quiet and take a few moments to write them down.
  2. Ok, now you are aware. Write out a reverse statement for each limiting belief. Example: “I am deserving of travel and am open to the abundant possibilities in my life.”
  3. Watch your thoughts and language. Have intention behind that next “tap” of the beautiful place on Instagram. If you slip back into those old thoughts patterns, be aware and recite the positive statements.
  4. Then … watch what shows up in your life, and share it with me!

The key is to remain open. When you’re conscious about removing limits, expectations have to go out the window too.

Travel may pick you and you have to be ready to recognize it and say, “YES!”


Signing off, time to head to the beach…