Spring = Clear and Pure

On my walk this morning everything was just a little clearer

As I left the house with my hot coffee, I purposely left my phone and headphones behind; I wanted my only distraction to be nature and the people around me. As I stepped out of the house I could feel the energy of the sun on my skin just a little stronger, the sky looked a little bluer, and the flower blossoms a little brighter. As I approached the lake, a block and a half from my house, I was led straight to the little dock rather than my usual quick trip around the walking path. I sat down, took my shoes and socks off and dangled my feet in the chilled water. The sensation of the chilled water on my feet woke up my entire body. I sat quietly with my eyes closed setting some daily intentions and asking for guidance in my work. When I began to fidget, I got up and started my walk. I naturally just wanted to say “good morning” to the people I passed. I noticed that the animals were alive like I was walking through a storybook.

This is not my normal walking experience, but I’d sure like to think I am always this awake.

The reason my walk was so clear and pure is because I am fresh off a liver detoxification.

I have a new level of awareness of how bogged down we get from toxins in our system.


My skin after the ginger compress was removed.

About a month ago, one of my healers prescribed a ginger compress for liver detox. I was reminded again that I needed to do it after my dear friend and esthetician accessed my skin, identifying liver stagnation. So, Sunday afternoon, I put a golf ball size amount of grated ginger in a cheesecloth sack and steeped it in a small pot of water, making a potent ginger broth. I then soaked a cloth in the broth, wrung it out and placed it over my liver, covering the hot cloth with a larger dry towel to keep the heat in. When the hot cloth cooled, I re-soaked it in the ginger broth and repeated this for about a total of 30 minutes. The area over my liver got really red and little puffy.

Now you’re probably thinking, as I was, what could a little ginger broth on the skin do?

After texting photos to the dear friend, I was advised to drink a lot of water throughout the day and she warned me that in a couple of hours I might just want to sleep. One hour later, I started to feel tired, “detoxy” and my face got puffy. After four hours my brain was foggy and I had no appetite. About five hours in, 10 hours of diarrhea started. I also realized about this time, that either by “pure guidance” or “subconscious decision”, I chose to do this liver cleanse on a full moon. This may have been why my experience was quite intense. During the night I was awakened every hour to use the bathroom and my dreams were extremely vivid. I woke up Monday morning feeling unsettled with body aches and sweats. I rested the entire day, continued drinking lots of water and ate lightly; a banana, some almond milk, then in the afternoon I had a greens smoothie to nourish my belly. The diarrhea stopped around 1 pm and I started to gain some energy and appetite around 7 pm. After a good eight hour sleep, I awoke Tuesday with renewed energy and mind clarity.

I share my experience to enlighten you; not to suggest this particular cleanse.

You may need a different type of cleanse. In addition to a system cleanse, it could be that you know you need to cleanse in another way; purge your closet or basement, organize your work space, increase your water intake or maybe you have recently been attracted to a cleaner way of eating or living. Pay attention to what is showing up in your life. Go toward that. If this seems right, try it.

Disclaimer: If you do any type of system cleanse, schedule it and be prepared to have time to rest and allow your body to go through the proper process of healing.

Please reach out with any questions for guidance.