Mercury Shmercury … This shit is real, REAL!

As I write this, I’m just beginning to get some clarity on the experiences of my week.

Going through this week, I have had trouble concentrating and feeling balanced in my body. So, if the past week for you has felt extremely off, emotionally charged or your body out of sync … Mercury is in Retrograde.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

This most recent Mercury Retrograde started this past Monday, May 18, and doesn’t end until June 11. It happens three to four times per year. It is known by Astrologers that planetary positions affect our everyday lives. Mercury in Retrograde is one of the few times a year when the planet Mercury rotates at a slower-than-usual pace, giving it the illusion that it’s moving backwards. This backward-seeming illusion has it’s parallel in our lives. This concept would be experienced if you were speeding past a slow-moving train … as it recedes, the train appears to be going backward. It really does play tricks with your mind!

I’ve really gotten away from even paying attention to when it is. In the past, I’ve let it’s existence dictate circumstances. So up until Monday night, May 18th, I had no idea it was back in action, but I sure felt it. When I realized, it helped me make total sense of my energy, mood and sabotaging thoughts I had been having all day.

I speak to this to bring awareness to what you might be feeling. Mercury Retrograde is not to be used to blame everything on. When we blame, we shift responsibility and fail to learn from what is showing up for us.

Nothing is wrong with you, your body is just responding to an energy that is present. You may be feeling nudged to rest, look at something deeper or give yourself a lot of self-care. Think of the experience as a reset. While going through this period, it can be really uncomfortable, but magical things will be on the other side.


  • Listen to the crazy thoughts and feel the pacing in your body without judgment.
  • Eat that comfort meal with no shame or guilt.
  • Allow yourself the pleasure of a massage or facial.
  • Relax in a hot bath.
  • Reprioritize your activities of the day and allow yourself to rest and spend time in nature.

Use this time to literally go backward, deep into your emotions. Do not fear what might be there but feel what is there so you can release, renew or resolve whatever it is that is ready to come up for you.