The sky is not the limit. Your belief system is.

Reflect on experiences in your life, going back as far as you remember. Think about perceptions you have had from memorable experiences, good or bad. Naturally you have transitioned through different phases. With each transition, you gained growth and a little more independence. At a certain point you logically knew you were responsible. So why do we have doubt and fear that limit our self expression?

Somewhere along the way, you have picked up a set of beliefs. Beliefs that have prevented you from being capable of full expression.

The fact that free will exists gives us the ability to make choices. In order to seek the benefits of the universal law of free will, we have to discuss belief systems.

Belief systems are formed from our experiences in life. Some of the key building blocks are rooted in our family lineage, culture, demographic of where we grew up, religion and education. Beyond those, add on the different traumas and life events that have occurred.

Belief systems then function as filters. We have a tendency to look at people we meet and life experiences through these filters. 

We have all been around someone or a situation where we can easily name their behavior as “closed minded.” It is so easy to identify the belief systems of other people that are blocking them from the possibility of freedom, but have a hard time seeing our own.

How do we identify our belief systems that are keeping us from experiencing true freedom?

Make a list of the things that are working and not working in your life right now. Go back through those lists and see if you can connect a belief system and where you picked it up: was it a family pattern, religious teaching or something in the media?

When we become aware, these beliefs can begin to dissolve and no longer distort our reality. This will allow us to experience a higher level of free will, that is quite beautiful.


Paddle boarding with my pal Cal, 4th of July 2013!

By consciously connecting to nature and people, you are able to actively practice being present in every moment. When we are deeply connected to pure source, we can more easily trust in the journey.

Remain curious and notice what you notice.

Celebrate your own “new found” personal  freedom this Independence Day!

I love hearing from you, please share your experience with the exercise in the comment section below or e-mail me direct.