Summer Check In

Happy Midsummer,

I’m writing this lakeside, from a family cabin, mid-July, surrounded by outdoor activities and limited wifi. In all honesty, the last toy I want to pick up is my computer to produce blog content, but I have such a strong desire to share my feelings with you.

Summer is a season of “happy”! We wait for it all year and while we’re in it we enjoy it. Our weekends are usually packed with activities, family, friends and more casual schedules with a little lighter heart.

From the point we entered school, we conformed to a structure that taught us that summer is the season of freedom.  Naturally, we would look forward to this time as children. As we got older, with more responsibilities, we conformed, and it left us in a pattern. Even though many of you reading this are out of the “school structure”, you are probably still living your life through this lens. You work hard all year and then when summer comes, you allow yourself the freedom to take a little break and enjoy the sweet moments life has to offer.

As young children, prior to conforming, we were just content with being free.

A couple of years ago I started digging deeper into my freedom and getting serious about finding my passion with the desire to feel free all of the time. I wanted to feel freedom, knowing that I still had to have a career and work. I wanted to have a feeling of balance in my life.

In my search, I asked a lot of questions and remained curious.  I attracted many books, mentors and life experiences that began guiding me to achieve that freedom. There was no set path, just silent guides along the way that kept me satisfied enough to keep trusting and believing.

It was one year ago in this very spot, that I write today that a relative told me that she was worried about me and wanted to help me. She was concerned for me because I had recently chosen to leave my job, with the goal of building my new coaching business. At that time it had very limited structure. It was in my asking and remaining curious, that I confirmed my passion of talking to people and the realization that my innate intuitive gift was present. This is something that has been with me since I was born.

Often in trying to find our passion, we have preconceived beliefs that our passion is something we have not yet discovered.


Your passion is something that lives inside of you. You were born with it. It is something that is so intrinsically “you” that it gets skipped over…even as a talent.


Jumping off a yacht in Ibiza on my 6 week travel adventure! #trust

May 1st, 2014 was my official first day on my own; I took the leap of faith that the universe-lined up just perfectly. Leaving the organization I served for 5 years, left me with a lot of experience, but also a lot of baggage. So mid-May 2014, I set off for a 6 week travel adventure with the intention of detoxing and pulling inspiration for my new goals. With any “leap of faith” story, trust is heavily relied on. While I was in this transition period, I was hour-to-hour needing to remind myself to choose love over fear, and there were many times when fear won.

With time and focusing on what was right in front of me, the structure of my business quickly began taking shape. All of the experiences of my life up until this point started to make sense. I realized that when we are in the raw experience of life, it is really easy to let faith go out the window.


Take a look back on some monumental times in your life: it all ends up working out … we really are divinely guided.

When we have the power to let power go, this flow takes over.


During this major transition I was in, a mentor of mine gave me the best analogy. He said, “V, you know those walking escalators at the airport? You are on that now, you won’t screw this up.” “Even if you decided to curl up at home and sleep, you would open the door just at the right time.”   This strong message confirmed my knowing that I was in the right place, doing the right thing.

So, I urge you to tune into your summertime fun barometer. Do you desire to have this feeling of freedom all year long? Remain curious. How can you flip your perspective and choose how the aspects of summer can unfold and be present in your life all of the time? What do you want to accomplish? What are your lifetime goals? What legacy do you desire to leave?

Not sure of your first step?

5 Tips

  1. Make a Pinterest board of your desired life, project or business goals. Pin images that reflect the feeling you want to have when you wake up in the morning, how you would start your day, the clothes you would wear, the climate you desire to live in, the hobbies you would practice, the man or woman you would be, your ideal client, your travel destinations. Paint a story with pictures, let go of the guilt and pin away.
  2. Check in with your support system: they say we are the average of the 6 people we spend the most time with. Reconnect with a person that really inspires you; set up coffee or lunch! If you are not able to think of someone? Say out loud: “I am open to attracting interesting people into my life, friends of my soul, that support my vision and mission.” Check out this blog for more on this topic.
  3. Write your Eulogy……..will you have achieved your life goals?
  4. Invest in yourself by purchasing my Wake-Up package. Not ready for the full Wake-Up package, book a casual 20-minute conversation with me to determine our compatibility.
  5. If you are in Minneapolis, join me for an Open Guided Meditation or my August, 20th Life Style Class – details coming soon.

Start now, don’t let another week, month or year go by to look back on and not be fulfilled.