Life Style Class | Getting Your Creativity Back | Thursday August, 20 2015 | 7-9 pm | Minneapolis or Livestream | $20

Getting Your Creativity Back  …or finding it


Whether you recently graduated from college, want to leave your corporate job or just feel disconnected…like your soul is dying…or you feel “stuck”…come tap into your creativity in my August Life Style Class.

We were born knowing how to live in the moment with fascinating imaginations. The interests we had as children are often lost as we travel through years of academia, jump through hoops until we are catapulted into heavy work schedules and buzz around on autopilot trying to meet the demands and responsibilities of daily life.

This past year as I’ve been settling into being a full time Life Stylist and entrepreneur, I’ve been on a journey of reigniting my creativity.

The funny thing is, I didn’t even know I lost it.

It was in the first couple of months at my first job out of college, chained to my beautiful cherry wood desk and starring at my Dell desktop that I silently screamed ….”This is what I have been working up to my entire life?” It was in that moment that I knew I needed to get creative. I lasted 5 years at the organization, had 5 different job titles, 3 bosses, a side job while simultaneously creating what is now my full-time business. When I detached from the ball and chain, I was in charge! This was scary … a new territory with no structure. It was entirely up to me to make it work. I have had many accomplishments in the past year, but my # 1 accomplishment was restoring my creativity.

In this class I will share tips and tools to help you grow this space. Creative ideas are endless when you are “tapped in.” The world needs us to get back to the basics and use our inherent gifts and talents. Those gifts and talents were given to us as tools to live out our mission, effecting the change the world needs.

Join me for my August Life Style Class. You may not realize that you lost your creativity until I show you how to find it.




Parking: Metered, street parking (25 cents per hour)

Please bring a mat or pillow to sit on.


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COST $20