{SOUL}ution For Your Resolution

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I’m finding myself a little resistant to all the cliche posts I’m seeing since the first of the year.

What if you are perfect just how you are? Living in the present moment, discovering that you can’t go back and change the past or jump forward into the future.

I thought 2015 was a whirlwind. It pushed and stretched me in ways I didn’t even realize were possible. Beyond my own experience I discovered that many people felt the same thing. This seemed to be the case for people across the board.

However this past year stretched and pushed you, try to see it through a lens of preparation. You have two options on how you can view the world and exist in it.

  1. FEAR ~ “It is a ‘disaster’, worse than ever, and there is nothing I can do but continue to exist in it and hope that my loved ones are safe and protected. I don’t consider the possibility of seeing the world differently.”
  2. LOVE ~ “ I trust that our world is the way it is supposed to be; there is a higher power in charge that can guide me through, easing the pain. I have the power to change how I view the world and live in harmony.” 

Which option feels lighter and more desirable? If you are here reading this, you know which one you need to embrace. 2016 is pushing us into self-discovery, deeper than we have ever gone. Why? Because the world needs us to be aligned with our purpose so we can shift the world. To realize your inner God, you need to connect to that power and then ‘create’ out of that space.

2016 is calling everyone to have a spiritual practice.

Realize that through creation you were put on this earth to live your full expression. You were not created to sit back, not participate and just “hope” that it all works out.

The option to honor your sacred body is available to you now as you start your new year. Your sacred body houses your soul. For complete peace you can’t honor one without honoring the other. In my January Life Style Classes which I have designed especially for this purpose, I will show you how to easily connect your spirit and soul to your beautiful body. You can then achieve the peace of starting your New Year living in the light of love. This is not difficult if you allow me to assist you on the journey. Be assured it has already started or you wouldn’t be reading this. Never underestimate that we have been connected for a reason. (free sticker and all;))

Choose 1, 2 or all 3 of the following {Soul}utions:

    1. FREE = AM + PM Meditations to incorporate into your daily ritual.

  1. Life Style Classes Jan. 14 or Jan. 20 (in-person in Minneapolis or Live Stream online) = If you’re looking for community and tools to connect and align to your purpose.
  2. Personal Discovery Call = Just for YOU!