The Heart Opener

Connecting to high vibrational frequency in all of your relationships.

Opening up to all the love and support that is available for us to receive, can be painful. Why do we deny ourselves of what is so abundantly available to us? We have all been hurt and have experienced trauma; it is locked in to our bodies and we are living from that ‘fear’ space.

“Hurt people, hurt people.”

Have you heard this before? … I am going to add to this quote, explain the teaching, and simplify how to get past your hurt so you may begin opening up to all the love that that is available to you.

“Hurt people, hurt people and attract getting hurt.”

You have had a lifetime of build-up: from the smallest to the most hurtful comments made by someone instrumental in your life, to being misguided by young love, or saying never and then having that never actually happen.

Your hurt has been real, so real that it still lives in your body. With the whole world getting the opportunity to go deeper and come into their full expression; the pain has to surface to heal, and this is happening at a fast pace. I feel so compelled to share this teaching; because I have had many recent opportunities to open up to love over the past couple months in a really big way, with friends, family and lovers.

The energy of the New Year has been really bold in February. In order to heal from these hurts we have to actually manifest experiences (on this plain or in a dream state) that create a situation to re-bring up the feelings that are locked in. The feelings are surfacing so you may embrace it, and within that moment have the opportunity to go down the old path or go down the new path.

The old path goes something like this…

Intimate Relationship Scenario

Oh man, here I go again, I knew it wasn’t safe to get close to him or her. I always attract the (fill in the blank), I will never meet someone right for me. I am not worthy of love, there has to be something wrong with me. I will never meet anyone. I will just settle for being alone. (You actually begin talking yourself into how this will be ok and even the best solution.)

Friendship/Difficult Co-worker Scenario

The feelings that I am having are harsh and too difficult to speak about. If I say what I really need to, it will come across too strong and I could loose the friendship, an important opportunity, or my job. I will just keep my mouth shut now, vent about it later and hope these feelings pass.

Family Member Scenario

They will never understand; it is not even worth talking with them. They are stuck in their ways and I will just tolerate them when I have to tolerate them… holidays. If they only knew what I know, they would have such a better life.

You know the stories I am telling too well. Now, why does this keep happening?

Why did you attract another difficult relationship, work environment, or family feud? The reason is because you are carrying this “hurt” around with you. The hurt is an energy frequency that is sending out vibes … or a signal. Your signal is vibrating out and attracting another matching vibrational signal.

This can be the time that you clear it for good.3C3A0224

Use the experience that manifests to speak to the hurt and move the energy. That guy or that girl, the difficult co-worker, family members or friend; is showing up as that reflection and can’t even possibly show up in another way until it is cleared.

You are not alone in this! We are all reflections of one another; you both attracted each other because you are carrying this hurt frequency. Seeing this is a growth opportunity, all parties involved have created a ‘safe place’ to go through it together and clear it. Warning: fear and your ego will try to hold you back. The ego is designed to keep you from your greatness and keep you away from getting you closer to your “True Self.”

You will have to trust for about 15 seconds to see what is on the other side. That is about the amount of time it will take for you to make the switch onto the new path, figuratively speaking. The amount of time it will take you to make the phone call, speak up in a new way, or admit to yourself right now this could possibly work. I can guarantee your courage is going to completely change your life and open you up to the possibility of peace, healing and abundance in all areas of your life.

It is true; we just need one experience to shift our entire reality. Some of you will pass up the little lessons and manifest huge life changing experiences to wake-up.

Conscious or unconscious, if you are reading this I can guarantee you are getting this message and have a relationship in mind.

Steps to move forward with an open heart:

1. Pray and hold space for this relationship for 100 days.

Dear {God, Angels, the Universe},

       I know you know what is right for me. Please allow me to see all my relationships and my relationship with {__________} through the eyes of love.

Then imagine dropping a huge love bomb on their head.

2. In order to receive the love we desire, we have to give it to ourselves.

Where in your life are you being extra critical and tough? For 2 minutes each day, rest your hand on your heart, find your heartbeat and repeat “I Love You” over and over for the entire 2 minutes. Do not judge the feelings good or bad just observe and feel.

3. Timing is everything.

By dedicating time to prayer and self-love the universe will take care of the rest. An experience will manifest for you to take the opportunity to try the new path.

I can’t wait for you to share your stories. We are on this journey together; I understand the layers … moment-to-moment breath and recite, “I Love You.”