October LIFE STYLE CLASS | Thursday, October 20th | 7:30 – 9 PM

Stepping off the Shame Wheel 

As you draw awareness to opening your heart, it is quite possible that you will be faced with an experience that connects you back to some old wounds/stories that are replaying and are no longer true. There are many ways that we can be drawn back into our pain. One very common way is a certain person or people come into your life and push your buttons, throwing you off center.

When this happens, it’s extra important to realize that we are, in essence, divine channels. This is how the Universe connects to us to deliver the message (i.e. “This person is throwing you off center. They make you feel pain.”) Just as we don’t get to choose the message we’re given, we also don’t get to ignore it. And we don’t get to deflect the pain and blame the person. So then, we must recognize that this important message is for our own benefit – and it’s showing up to help us work through something larger than that person/those people, and ourselves.

In October’s Life Style Class I will teach you techniques on how to move past the blame and partner with shame.Think of it as though you are the star of your own movie, and everyone else are just supporting actors to your story. The plot? The divine message. So when that painful message appears, we partner with it and play it out. The show must go on!

This class will be offered on:

Thursday, October 20th

7:30 – 9 pm CST




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