December LIFE STYLE CLASS | Thursday, December 15th | 7– 9 PM

If I Am Infinite … So is the Planet?

Where is our country headed? What’s driving the fear? Why is this turmoil happening right now? What is the best way to handle it? How do we talk to our friends and family? How can we help during this transition and be a part of the solution? What does the future hold?

Welcome to a space where you are free to feel, express and heal. In December’s Life Style Class I will be addressing your personal concerns through a spiritual lens and guiding the group through two intuitive mindfulness meditations. When we adopt and live by the philosophy, “We are always where we need to be”, we don’t get to throw it all out the window when we don’t get our way or confusion presents. These times allow for huge growth spurts if we can remain conscious and awake. We are going to flip the lens to see what is actually presenting for us. The gifts that are coming from this transitional period manifest quicker when we come together in community to process and understand.

No matter where you are at, I hope you will join us. Your energy is vital; this is how you can be a part of the solution. The group dynamic will be enhanced by YOU!

This class will be offered on:

Thursday, December 15th

7:00 – 9 pm CST




Details on how to connect will be e-mailed to you.

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