Nirvanic Mode: Lighting the candles

My Bright Lights,

December has welcomed us with a new energy—the frequency of healing. How have you been feeling? I wish to hone our attention into that space this month as we take time to reflect on the past year and welcome any final breakthroughs as this intense year wraps up.

Last month’s topic brought awareness and resources to shift the angst of anxiety. These feelings are natural and very much a part of us. Giving yourself that grace and having the courage to bring the feelings in, transforms the chaos into a real healing solution.

We Are On This Journey Together

Beyond your beliefs and celebrations of choice this month … more than ever, we have been shown how the world has to come together. For a true union, we have to become so deeply aligned with our True Selves; taking responsibility and doing our own personal work. This can feel counter-intuitive and selfish when on the outside it appears that there is so much work to be done.

That outside world is a reflection of our personal reality, guiding us inward to discover the truth.

Once connected to that divine spirit within us, we are then “divinely guided,” connected and serving in a way that is making a real deep level of impact. We hear about people who have a mid-life crisis or major life wake-ups that are traumatic. Adopting this philosophy helps us avoid the need to attract something traumatic into our life in order to make a shift. By giving your divinity a chance—trusting the order it quickly begins to present in your life—you will discover all that you desire and dream about. You are more powerful that you can even imagine, and that is the gift I wish for you to discover.

Ways to Intentionally Light your Candles:

Food: What is going into my body?

I wrote a whole blog post on the topic of the gut-mind relationship. Essentially, it’s important to be mindful about what you eat and how it makes you feel, especially during a month of feasts, treats, and stress. Please take the time to read this important topic here.


Thoughts: What am I constantly telling myself?

It’s true, our thoughts do create our reality. Reciting affirmations and mantras (along with applying action steps) start to change the brain to actually begin reflecting what we are desiring for ourselves.

Body Image Affirmations

Recite these daily, and write them on a piece of paper and carry the frequency on your body. These will help guide you to make the best choices for you.

I, _______, honor my sacred body now.
I,_______, no longer need to feel anxious about my body.
There is nothing at all shameful about my body.
I, _______, love all parts of my body.
I, _______, am free and open in regard to my body.
I, _______, know it is more important to feel good about the totality of my own body all the time all day.
Since I, _______, have more beauty than ugliness, I will concentrate on my beauty.
I, _______, take good care of my body.

Affirmations taken from the book I Deserve Love by Sondra Ray


Turning inward to discover the depth of us requires a lot of trust. We are now saying “yes” to something that we unconsciously have been saying “no” to. When these divine steps begin to show up and are presented to you, the initial emotion that may follow is fear. In order to tame that fear and continue in love, make sure you are dedicating time to a mindfulness practice.

A Gift From Archangel Raphael

There is a deep emerald green color surging through the planet to be absorbed by all of the divine souls that are open and available to receive it. During your next meditation, couch sesh, yoga practice, workout or nature walk, add in this visualization to bring in the frequency of healing that is available to you.

Close your eyes and take 3 inhales through your nose exhaling through your mouth. Continuing breathing through your nose and ask out loud or in your mind to connect to your higher self. Imagine your crown opening and ask to receive the emerald green healing energy.

When you get to this point, have no expectation of how you receive it. You may see the color or you may have a moment later in the day when the color comes to you in another way. Draw down the energy, visualizing it absorbing down your entire body.

This frequency wants to touch every soul. After you receive it, go forward touching others in the form of a smile, a present moment or human touch.

Genuine divinity has arrived on the planet. We are all responsible for holding conscious space for others to evolve into their power. Many seem more closed off than ever. In order to help them shift (this dialogue that we so often discuss and you are reading about here) this message needs to become integrated into your everyday language. Stop thinking you can’t talk about it—you can! It’s now, it’s forever. This is total freedom and there is no one to rule your world but yourself.

I Love You,


Resources from this blog

I Deserve Love
by Sondra Ray

REVIEW: This book is a strong foundation
By Sarah Roach on June 11, 2002

This book is one of the best I have ever read. She explains affirmations thoroughly and even gives you a little test in the beginning so you can prove the power of affirmations for yourself. That was what hooked me in the beginning; a book that actually worked and for which the author made claims! I met my current husband about two months after I got this book and started working with the affirmations, and that was in 1978 (even though the site here shows 1983 as publication date, my copy of the book says 1976.) Not to say that our marriage has been perfect, far from it!!, but it’s been perfect for both of us. If it wasn’t for my husband, I wouldn’t be sober and have the life and career I have today. I’ve given this book numerous times and will be doing it for many more years. The best affirmations primer, in my view.

Top review from

Gut and Psychology Syndrome
by Natasha Campbell McBride M.D.

REVIEW: The best book you will ever read to help you understand why you are sick with whatever it is you have.
By Sugarboo 2014

The best book you will ever read to help you understand why you are sick with whatever it is you have. The bacteria in our gut is what controls our health and if you don’t have enough good bacteria in your gut, you probably have health issues. This book will explain what you can do to heal the gut so you can greatly improve your health.

Having the right gut bacteria will also help you feel more calm and focused.incidentally, I started taking some over the counter probiotics, and making homemade yogurt and within one week the inflammation in my body was drastically reduced. This book also talks about how changing the diet has greatly helped people with autism. It’s honestly the best book I have ever read and EVERYONE. Should buy it and keep it as their medical bible. Nothing you do is going to help you like reading this book and getting some good probiotics into your body.

I have spent the last two years searching for answers to all the health issues I have and why “I” have them and the rest of my family is healthy. At 8 I had my tonsils taken out and was on antibiotics for two weeks. At 10′ all of a sudden I developed a bunch of cavities. Then at 11, juvenile diabetes, , then my first root canal at 15.

From age 19 to 48 I took antibiotics every three months, for tooth infections, urinary tract infections, diverticulitis infections, bacterial vaginosis infections, sinus infections, and more. I finally started taking raw apple cider vinegar everyday in the past two years and in the last 3 months added the probiotics.

What a difference. Changing my gut bacteria has made me feel 90% better than I have felt my whole life. Eat organic fruits and vegetables to prevent the pesticides from killing your good bacteria, eat 100% grass fed beef and meat and dairy products, farm fresh eggs, homemade yogurt and homemade fermented cabbage and you will start feeling like a new person. Buy this book for yourself and anyone with an Austin child or adult in their lives.

It has the best information you will find anywhere and especially in one place…it’s worth every penny! It’s absolutely fascinating!

Top review from