Give The Gift of Awakening


A Must Read

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

A beautiful tool for anyone who is interested in adopting an empowered lifestyle. This is one of the top tools I refer in my practice.

Services Full Of Love


With Teresa Herchert, esthetician. Our skin is our largest organ, and  it directly reflects our gut health. Teresa’s loving touch along with her 20+ years of experience provides a unique healing experience. This is a gift that keeps on giving. E-mail therchert@gmail.com or call 612-221-0962 to purchase a gift certificate. *Gift Certificates can be e-mailed or picked up at Studio 411 before the holiday.

Nutrition Testing

With Dr. Carolyn Feils-Knapp, chiropractor. Dr. Carolyn is able to communicate with your body through muscle testing to select the foods and supplements that will work specifically for you. She can meet with you in-person or over the phone. Call 608-783-WELL to purchase a gift certificate.

The Wake Up Package

With V, life stylist. The Wake-Up Package is V’s signature package designed to jump start the journey of awakening, set a foundation and get one gaining momentum confidently. E-mail  v@vanessafeils.com to discuss personalized gift options.


My Go-To Tools

Crystals & Stones

At the Enchanted Rock Garden or your local rock shop you will find a beautiful selection of beauty from the earth. Stones and crystals have metaphysical properties that can be very healing when you have them in your presence or wear then on your body. Use your intuition and pick out the perfect selection for your spiritual god or goddess friends, family and even kids! 


The LOVETUNER is a mindfulness tool. A single tone flute that aligns ourselves with the 528 hz frequency, the so called love frequency. Use it during your meditation practice or just throughout your day to realign to love.

The Moon Deck

The Moon Deck is an interactive tool for connecting to your intuition through the path of self-love and ritual. Created to foster community and healing, this entire set is inspired by the cyclical beauty of the moon and the inherent wisdom of women. It shares insights on growth, purpose, transformation, practice, and creativity – with freedom for personal exploration. *This is on my Christmas list, a dear friend of mine recently shared her moon deck with me!