Client Highlight: Susan Ray

“I discovered my love for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine about two years ago.”

Susan RayAt that time, I had recently accepted a new position as a data analyst at Northwestern Health Sciences University, and I was given the opportunity to try acupuncture for free in our on-campus clinic. I may not have been compelled to make an appointment, had it not been for the development of excruciating pain in my left shoulder and arm. In my very first appointment, I felt fascinated and completely enthralled by the patient interview process as well as the actual experience getting treated. I knew in that very first appointment, two years ago, that I had finally found my desired career path, and that I would pursue a master’s degree in Oriental Medicine.

Making a total career change can be scary in and of itself, but deciding to give up a salary and healthcare benefits, as well as postpone contributing to a retirement fund, tame a frivolous shopping habit, and incur a new load of student loan debt felt next to impossible, and it felt like it wasn’t a very smart decision. So instead of committing, I compromised – with myself, with my family, and with my partner at the time. My job allowed me a free tuition benefit as a full-time employee at the university, so I continued to work full-time while I enrolled in the Oriental Medicine program on a part-time basis.

Fast forward one whole year, and I was still in the exact same position energetically. What was different in my life was a new romantic relationship. The relationship started out as blissfully as I had ever imagined. Things quickly crashed and burned and I was given the opportunity to look at my partner’s actions and emotions as a reflection of myself.

I saw that he was stuck, very hesitant to move forward with our relationship, and not fully committed. Where in my life was I acting this out and putting forth the exact same energy? It was in my hesitation to fully commit to pursuing my dream, and it was in my fear of moving forward with my divinely guided soul path!

In this moment of clarity, I decided to quit my full-time data analyst job and enroll full-time in school. I executed this plan over the next week by registering for a full-time class load, signing up to receive student loans, and putting in my 1-month notice to my boss.

What I had feared (for over a year) would be incredibly scary, ended up being the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

I’ve received nothing short of an outpouring of love, support, and encouragement from everyone I know, including my boss (and my romantic partner, who came full circle and decided to commit to himself too). As I move into my first month as a full-time student, I feel joyful and fulfilled, and I can’t wait to see how my journey unfolds!