Follow the Divine Plan /// Vlog and Guided Meditation Video

Happy New Year!

This is an exciting time to be alive and witness all of the miracles that are crossing your path.

You have nothing to fear as you enter 2017. Things are happening just as they are supposed to … often your only reference point is to apply what you already know to be true from your past experiences. This year, this month, this week; you have the opportunity to be really curious about how it could be possible to see things through new eyes and create experiences from a modern fresh space.

Your intuition is your internal guidance system that is always assisting you on the journey. From lifetimes of conditioning, it is common that most are disconnected from trusting the body signals or this voice. When we have not been paying attention, it can feel really overwhelming to reconnect and learn to trust that intuition.

Is it ever hard for you to decipher what is your true voice and what is maybe fear or superstition?

This month, I have prepared a vlog that breaks down this topic giving you 4 steps to begin strengthening your intuition.

4 Steps To Strengthening Your Intuition

  • Step 1: Understand that your intuition is a real thing
  • Step 2: 5 Ways to strengthen that little voice
  • Step 3: Believe and trust through gratitude
  • Step 4: Share your experience with others

Once you have completed watching the vlog please enjoy this guided meditation that will take you on a journey to have an experience connecting to your intuition.

I feel so excited to share this topic. This is the divine magic that is leading you so perfectly on your journey. Accept first that you are divine, therefore worthy of what awaits you and doesn’t have to come so hard. You are a powerful divine light.

Happiest 2017