Women, Wine & Wisdom | Thursday, January 26th | 6 – 8 pm | Rice Lake, WI

Hosted by Dr. Lauryn Brunclik owner of Blue Hills Chiropractic.

As billions of people on the planet are waking up to their power, we must learn to trust our intuition.

We are all intuitive. When we begin consciously connecting everyday to our higher selves, we become more and more attuned to other people and our surroundings.

Have you ever had a bad thought and then it happened? Were you left spending time in guilt and shame; thinking superstition drew this experience toward you or the person you had the thought about? What if it was actually your intuition, giving you a glimpse into the future.

Come connect to the knowledge of your intuition. If we are all created from a Universal space, connected by energy, of course we have the ability to tap into our intuition and receive guidance.

In this class Vanessa will teach you how to remove fear while getting to know your true voice well. Get excited, the depth of you is so mind blowing!

Thursday, January 26th

6 – 8 pm CST


11 E Marshall St, Suite 101 Rice Lake, WI  54868