😻 Get Some Action: How to flirt with your creativity

Staying with the flow of all the magic that is accessible on the planet right now; I am laying out a process this month to apply to all your creative projects or your life! This process will get you thinking differently about accessing your creativity. It just might be love at first sight.

Whether you’re a regular follower or newbie, let’s recap

Everyday we get to consciously connect to our true essence, just by claiming it. Once connected, we can now begin to trust that everything that is crossing our path is divine guidance. Some of the things that we are no longer interested in doing may just gracefully fall away … or they could strongly present themselves. If something strongly presents, refrain from the rabbit hole thinking … you are getting the opportunity to learn an important teaching that is necessary for your growth forward.

The guiding format I am laying out this month will assist you through moments of frustration. To immediately shift the frustration, be curious by stating out loud – “ I am so curious what _____ has to teach me.” Give yourself a little flirty smile, you foxy thing you!

V’s 4 Step Guide to Flirting…
with your Creativity.

Step 1
Mindfulness Prayer

Ground into your workspace by closing your eyes, connecting to your belly breathing, and calling in your ‘beautiful all knowing’ higher self. With your eyes still closed command – “I trust that I am exactly where I am supposed to be with everything I need inside of me. I now allow in divine guidance and inspiration to provide me with all the deep insights I need to create and walk confidently on my path!”

Step 2

After you set the space, be open to all that is coming in for you and where you are being guided. Be patient with the process, your thinking mind may try to overtake. But remember the law of attraction: because you set the space with pure and divine intention, you can’t mess this up.

Depending on your processing style, you may want to begin by making a list of all the thoughts, ideas, spaces, places, and people that are popping in.

Step 3

Go on and explore where this thinking is divinely guiding you. This process will have you breaking down any judgments you have created or internalized. So any negative or sabotaging voices that come in are going to crumble. Those bad thoughts are in fact what have been keeping you from really manifesting what you dream about and what you desire. Keep going back on your prayer – Step 1 – and remember what you already set into motion. 🔑Remember, this isn’t about you. It’s about what is trying to be created through you.

Now, where are you being guided?

  • Social Media – You could have a belief that this is a distraction. With your intention of being divinely guided set in place, you may just see your social media experience with a new set of eyes. You may feel inspired to get your community involved or wind up tapping into a new community support your creation.
  • Conversation – In-person, over the phone, with a random person, with someone you know well, eavesdropping.
  • Location – Sometimes a specific work environment pops into mind because it carries the exact frequency where you need to be creating from. You may feel called to or actually find yourself in a faraway destination… or down the block at the sunny coffee shop. Make note!
  • Blogs
  • Books
  • Music
  • Quotes
  • Colors – Do you default on the same three colors when it comes to your clothes or decorating? Do you visualize a wild, crazy color that gives you energy and happiness? Try it out in reality! You might find that you can totally pull off wearing magenta, royal blue, or this year’s Pantone color of the year!

Step 4
Write Your Own Rules

Let this flow inspire your own creative wisdom to shine through and drive you. Dissolving the structures and naysaying voices in our world is not an easy task. But when we understand that it has been keeping us from being able to unleash what is truly alive inside – the ‘crumble process’ becomes a ‘humble process.’ What once had us confused, now  gives us understanding as to the why and the power our limiting beliefs can have over us if we continue to give them so much attention.

Enjoy the new relationship with your creativity!

It is sure to be one of the most satisfying loves of your life.