Rested Action

It can be difficult to stop and hit the pause button—but it can be done—and that is my call to you.

Slowing down and simply stopping right where you are, contrary to your belief, will bring you so much reward beyond a breather. I call it “resting in wonder”. It’s a time to get your mind out of the future, away from the endless “to do” lists, observe your present environment and get back into your body. Really connect with yourself from within.

Once you’ve come to a full stop, all you’ve got to do is trust that the world is always going to be busy around you. It is preparing for your opportunities with or without your movement with its current. I don’t mean plopping down in front of the TV or opening a magazine. The key is to actually rest in wonder; a quiet time where your natural curiosity engages completely with your environment. Quiet contemplation allows for your desires to bubble up, giving you motivation and drive for what is to come once your start moving again.

Our thoughts and ideas that come to us when we allow ourselves to stop – and rest in wonder – are taking us to that intuitive space of insight – giving us a view into all that is and will be.


Vision planning

Now that you’ve hit the pause button, take some time to clear out the clutter. Get out of what is not possible and into what is possible.


All the fear and negativity gets to rest… lay out what you know you desire.

Life balance
Challenge but not overwhelm
Growth through creativity


Make the unreal real – talk about it as if it already exists.

Everyday feels like play while I support my dreams and desires.
I am a master at work/life balance and lead others around me to succeed.
I am challenged in a healthy and collaborative way.
Growth comes naturally with ease through creative channels.


Keep it in your frequency range.

Recite these every day out loud and put them in a place that you frequent so that you are absorbing the vibes.



Once the universe is working for you, things manifest in the most peculiar ways; actually much better than you could even dream of. Keep your eyes open and pay attention to the tiny signs, symbols and synchronicities. Track them and take action by going toward the clarity.

The time is now. Whatever is backing you into a corner is a powerful gift, drawing your attention *so divinely* to the space you get to receive an abundance of change and needed attention. Don’t tuck it away for another larger experience to manifest. Name the pain and feel it. You are so beautiful and powerful … may you know your wholeness right now!

Feeling Lost?

Do you feel stuck in the ‘how’ of your desires? Do you think that nothing is happening; that you’re not able to identify the first steps and fear sinking deeper into a dark, clouded mindset. Maybe you find yourself reciting, “I am not doing enough” and getting even more overwhelmed. … I think we have all been there.

I recently found myself there, and was quickly reminded that my wandering thoughts, ideas and daydreams were just a glimpse into my future. Simple as that. From there, the future seemed clearer, some first steps were more easily identifiable, and I felt 100% more motivated to get to that future.

All you’ve got to do is stop, look around, take some deep breaths and it will come naturally. It may help to practice some breathing techniques (especially good for brains that won’t let you in, or won’t quiet down) and recite one of the mantras, or make up your own. I have many guided meditation videos on my YouTube channel  which can help.


I believe in you, as always!