Advancement: Get out of your rut in life.

How is your quality of life?

Let’s start there with an honest conversation with yourself about how life’s really going for you. This honest self-talk is necessary to determine your level of awareness, and from there we can begin.

Most people are looking to move forward from their current situation in some way. The force for personal advancement is available to all, regardless of how stuck you may feel. I want you to clearly see this force in your life and that advancement isn’t just a daydream. It requires only a few things: your awareness, honest observation, a desire to make a change and work.

During your self-talk, you will be moving through a state of deep awareness. First, you’re going to need to address any guilt, shame, or hurt that is holding you back from change. What are the hidden layers of your situation that have bubbled up? Take note of these; these are the real truths you must acknowledge, accept, and work with—not around. These same truths have been trying to get your attention all along. By choosing to ignore them, you are also choosing to remain stuck. You’ve chosen to ignore your “self”. You’ve chosen to shut out advancement.


Trusting yourself is your open window into possibility. Despite the pain or fear your introspection might bring, it has to be felt to clear it, and move on. You have everything you need already inside of you, including fierce will and strength you might not realize you possess right now. Knowing that you actually do, open yourself to the unknown, and trust that by doing so, you’re already putting yourself into positive motion.


You may have been getting glimpses of an awakening. These are fleeting bright-light moments that you may have not felt (or acknowledged) in years. These sparks are your inner guidance that fuels the willpower and strength to overcome your obstacles. Learn to become fully aware of these moments and allow them to come into your busy, anxious mind. They will give you the drive and clarity you need during the process.

This process is a journey and this journey is magical. And so are you – pure magic.

Let’s dive in

Start by talking to yourself

Talk as you would with the child version of yourself, with compassion, empathy and respect. Don’t be afraid of going deep. Again, trust yourself and you will have the strength to tackle hard realizations. Jump in and go under. Discover the attachments that keep you in your situation.
Past hurt – Fears – Stories – Symbols – Should’s – Should-nots – Would-nevers


Re-frame your perspective. What is child-you scared of? Why would child-you never ____? How have you affected (or infected) your situation?

Ask yourself “what is it I love about the child-me I’ve been talking with? What is my soul connected to? What do I really, really believe in?” Accept all that is so special for you with open arms. It is your essence, and will serve as an endless source of confidence in who you are.

Advance in action

Sitting and analyzing is just the first step. You must make physical movements to kickstart your life movement.
Join a course or Meetup group – Create a new positive, consistent habit – Journal – Practice using your voice – Declutter your home – Call a loved one and talk about what you’ve learned.

Don’t sit back and let others create your world for you. Your inaction will only leave you feeling unfulfilled, and ultimately stuck in your situation. This process takes work and a good deal of trust. Trust that your work will be appreciated by everyone around you.

Move forward in grace, confidence, and in your own unique beauty. Advance consciously, not cautiously; finally experiencing the happiness of living an amazing life full of childlike wonder, surprise, and unexpected opportunity.

Now, get to work! The motion you want can only come from you.

As always, I’m here to help.
Much Love!