Gift Guide


Personalized Guided Meditation Recordings

Think Head Space or Insight Timer but personalized for the individual that you are gifting. Wonderful for all: the buzzing bees on your list, the most zen master you know or anyone who needs some extra love and healing! How it works: once you purchase the session, you will fill out a worksheet to share your insight and intention for the individual or family you are gifting. Then I will take your intention and my gift of intuition and record a special 20 – 30 minute Guided Meditation completely tailored to them. Once recorded, you will receive by e-mail an audio file to download and gift!


OY-L Exfoliating Manuka Mask

This is like putting the freshest jam on your face! Mainstream products on the market use micro-beads when creating their exfoliating products. OY-L’s Manuka Mask contains ground organic lavender and rose buds to give your skin a gentle exfoliation. I am also a huge fan of there Orange Rose Lip Balm & Orange Rose Body Butter.


Twig & Stone Prosperity & Success Wand

Who do you know that could use a little extra confidence and prosperity in 2019! Gifting tools for weekly and monthly rituals is a great way to inspire ones spiritual practice. Pair this wand with your favorite journal and pen, suggesting the wand be burned with success-focused intentions and visualization. Help your loved ones see all of their desires coming to fruition surrounded by positivity.


Love Heals Hat 

The only hat you’ll catch me wearing this season! Spot Spa believes that when you love yourself you can heal others + your community! You can find this for purchase online or if you’re in the Minneapolis area pop into one of their two Spa + Retail locations for other gift selections. I can’t think of a better way to be spreading the LOVE this holiday season! Other items to check-out, Nell’s remedies Body Butter and in-store Alexis Smart Flower Remedies



Mend Pink Chalcedony Rosary

I don’t know of any other jeweler making crystals more fun and fashionable. Pink Chalcedony impacts the heart chakra strengthening empathy & compassion, supporting pregnancy & bonding of family. Shop the entire gem collection to determine the stone that is right for your someone special! Added Bonus: I also use my necklace as a pendulum!

Wishing you the most bright and awakened Holiday.

I LoVe You,