Rested Action

It can be difficult to stop and hit the pause button—but it can be done—and that is my call to you. Slowing down and simply stopping right where you are, contrary to your belief, will bring you so much reward beyond a breather. I call it “resting in wonder”. It’s a time to get your mind out of the future, …

Terry Taylor

The angels are Divine messengers of light who offer us guidance... Our willingness to receive Divine guidance is what positions us at the right time and place for a message.

*new* Divinely Guided Merch!

  Yep, as always, I am taking our Divine Guidance message over the top! Actually, onto a top – and many other awesome things. This line of tops, tanks, hats, coffee mugs, etc are inspired by high-fashion brand D&G, but with a “V” twist. These items will only be available for a short time. Head over to the store to get yours!

😻 Get Some Action: How to flirt with your creativity

Staying with the flow of all the magic that is accessible on the planet right now; I am laying out a process this month to apply to all your creative projects or your life! This process will get you thinking differently about accessing your creativity. It just might be love at first sight. Whether you’re a regular follower or newbie, …

Nomadic V /// Vlog

I’m up to something! WITH A CURIOUS SPIRIT, V IS ON THE ROAD TO INSPIRE COMMUNITIES AROUND THE GLOBE TO STEP INTO THEIR POWER. Nomadic V’s purpose is to invite and support souls on their journey to self discovery, to wake up and join the universal party. As V moves from place to place, this collective gains strength with new …