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The Next 6 Months of Themes

October – 1 Root

Planting the seed and setting intentions for your next 6-month cycle – I get clear about my needs! Nourishing foods that suppor & sustain your body

November – Inward Admiration

Honing your self care ritual
Observing yourself in others
Shifting speeds on the old as your true self awakens

December – Introspection as my Guide

What is calling for me in the New Year? How is my creation sustainable & stable?

January – Expand my Wings

Literal or ethereal adventure – it is time to GO NOW!
I am trusting the wild ride of the NEW!

February – Trust in my Truth is the New Safety

I am in practice of trusting myself!
What do I see opening up around me?

March – Receive my Intention – I AM NEW

Reflection on what I made manifest!
The law of discipline, I am feeling my freedom!