Modern Therapy Pods

Modern Therapy recognizes the shift in super consciousness that has happened on our planet, and the deep need many have to reconnect with themselves and be of service. Pods provide the opportunity to powerfully gather with a group, transcending healing out into the world around the theme you bring to your POD.

Step 1: How it Works

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    The Basic Process

    PODS run for 75 minutes and contain 5 people. After you select your desired time, you will fill out a brief booking form. Please include what you want to work on during your scheduled POD in the notes section of this form. Prior to your POD starting, you will be e-mailed a one-time New Client Agreement to sign via RightSignature, a one time New Client Intake Form and the login instructions on how to join your POD. At the time of your POD, you will connect via from your phone or device.

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    Ground Rules

    It is very important that you arrive to your POD on time with an open heart ready to receive. Please be in a quiet and comfortable environment where you will not be interupted or distracted for the entire 75 minutes. To get the most out of your session, honor everything that is coming up for you, ask questions and hold space for the healing taking place around you.

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    Your Pod

    No longer does oneness rest in your relationship with just yourself. Your connection with self will expand through the dissolve of separation.Your POD will reflect the light and dark of human existence on the planet – to quickly get you gaining clarity where you feel blocked in your life.

Step 2: Book Your Session

Click the button below to book your pod:

Step 3: Before Your Pod

Before your next pod, please fill out the following forms that will be sent to you via email:

  • Vanessa Feils, Inc. Contract via an e-mail from RightSignature
  • Client Intake Form directly after you complete your POD booking