Know Your Cells 2020 Virtual REPLAY


2 hr Workshop

The time is now to unlock your real potential, tap into your earthly purpose and truly get moving in this new decade! Are you frustrated with all the recent change and wondering how you can begin to make sense of it all?

Meditation Expert, Vanessa Feils, along with Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Kristin Rowell, will teach you how to be aware of your energetic body and cellular makeup to effectively move out of your past patterning during this world pause. We walk you through the core principles of healing at the cellular level, give you practical tips that you can immediately start incorporating in your homes and guide you in two energetic activations so that you can start leveraging your future NOW from this vast space of the unknown that we are all in together. We understand that this is an unsettling time, but you must get this in order to succeed in the new world – and the new decade! You will observe how the power of the group dynamics teach you that the present moment is all we have.

If you are curious about what the hell is going on and want to utilize this time to experience true freedom, then buy the REPLAY now!

About Your Hosts

Kristin Rowell, Energy & Nutritional Therapy Expert

Kristin is extremely passionate about helping high-achievers become more successful, more productive and more efficient with their time and energy.  After practicing for 16 years as a business trial lawyer, Kristin left lawyering to build Energetically Efficient, which is a speaking, consulting and coaching business in the health and wellness space.  Kristin has a strong desire to help humans “level up” in all aspects of their lives, most fundamentally with nutrition and lifestyle practices. Kristin is now a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and she speaks and coaches around the country about mindset, nutrition, energy, meditation, exercise, efficiency, recovery, longevity and other health and wellness topics.


Vanessa Feils, Life Coach & Meditation Expert

Meditation guru, life and career coach, and spiritual guide, Vanessa Feils is a healer from another plane who has been put on this Earth to help us step into our power and our purpose. Creator of V’s Online Membership Program, a first-of-its-kind monthly subscription, Vanessa helps people stay committed to their spiritual practices through live, weekly guided meditations. Her flagship eight-week course, ACTV8, aligns people to their soul purpose, helping them to home their gifts and get their talents launched into the world. Vanessa was an early adopter of the MindTravel “silent” headphone system, incorporating Murray Hilary’s piano compositions and healing binaural beats in her meditations to fast track participants into a space where they can design their life from a pure state of bliss.


Note to Attendee

This is a replay of a LIVE event on 4/5/2020.

Also note that refunds will NOT be issued.


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