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Meditation Membership

LIVE weekly guided meditation
 RECEIVE guidance to help navigate your week & cultivate new awareness
ACCESS to 100s of recorded meditations to practice at your leisure
CONNECT with a powerful community

14-day FREE Trial
$49 per month thereafter
No Commitment, Cancel Anytime

IMPORTANT NOTE: After signing up for Membership Free Trial, you will receive an email with instructions on how to receive notifications for our upcoming sessions. If you don’t receive the email with the accompanying instructions within 24 hours of your purchase, please contact us for assistance.

What’s Included?

LIVE Weekly Guided Meditation

Members join Vanessa LIVE for a guided meditation every Monday 9pm CST, 8pm GST, 7pm PST, & 10pm EST. Each session is guided by the energy of the group and works within a with with an assigned theme for the month.

ACCESS to hundreds of guided meditation sessions

You immediately gain access to hundreds of past replays to begin up-leveling you experience as a human BEING. 

RECEIVE guidance to help navigate your week and cultivate new awareness

Every week, members recieve a replay of the live session along with guidance, tips or tools from Vanessa to practice from week-to-week in order to support your meditation journey

Upon signing up, new members also recieve a 5 part email course to help you make the most of your membership and give you a deeper understanding of how to use meditation as a tool for expansion in your life.

“I did Monday’s meditation last night. Wow. I felt tingly everywhere to the point where I started to feel like sand sliding and disconnecting from my body. I told my husband, it was better than any high I’d ever had!”
“Vanessa’s guided meditations are like a visual journey through an artist’s paint palette. After a year of practice, I am able to visualize colors lighting up the chakras of my body during our Monday night guided meditations”
“Since meditation with Vanessa, my stress levels are greatly reduced. Every week my confidence grows”
“This experience gave me a new life”

Membership FAQ

Who is the program for?
A: V’s Guided Healing Meditations are for the inexperienced and experienced alike! Members find that the weekly group meditations have lasting effects that ripple throughout their lives, waking and sleeping.
Why meditate with a group?
A: Meditating with a group is more powerful – magnifying your personal requests out to the world.
When we do this, beauty and magic show up exponentially at the individual level.
Some of the benefits members have cited:

  • They have never felt connected with themselves this deeply before.
  • They become so relaxed they simply fall asleep.
  • The healing continues into their dreams.
How to use your membership
A: It’s easy to keep up with the program.
Click the Account button in the top right corner of the website.
Login using your chosen username and password.
You will receive a reminder email every Monday before the Live Group Meditation. Make sure you follow the instructions in your welcome email to get connected to the text Community.
Cancelling your membership
To cancel your membership:

  1. While logged in, go to your username on the menu and click on “My Account”
  2. On the “My Account” page, click on “Subscriptions.”
  3. You should see a list of your current subscriptions. Click on the “View” button next to the one you wish to edit.
  4. In the top box, you will find a list of actions for your subsciption.
Updating Your Payment Method
A: To update your payment method on file, navigate to the “Subscriptions” link in the menu bar under your name in the top right corner of the page. From there, you will see a link to “Payment Methods” on the left hand sidebar. From here, you can add, remove, or update your payment method.
Membership Trial Rules
A: Please no freeloading! Don’t take advantage of my gift to you. Only 1 free trial per person. If you enjoyed your trial please consider signing up as a Member to continue your journey with me or book a Discovery Call to see how I can help you.

Disrespect of any kind will not be tolerated. I reserve the right to discontinue the Membership Trial of anyone who abuses the rules.

Repeat abuse of the Membership Trial or any of its facets will result in a permanent ban to further services from Vanessa Feils, Inc.