Virtually Aligned Energetically – presents Family, Educators & Beyond


A 4 month back to school support program led by Vanessa Feils and Dr.’s Erin & Elizabeth Anderson of TwinLife Chiropractic.

VAE supports the community through the whole body and the whole family. As the new consciousness continues to wake up on the planet we want to help you navigate the journey – of Back to School. It will be important to stay in the reality of truth as you navigate an old system gaining traction in a new world.

To assist you through your process of going back to school – whether that means you are educating from home, going back to the classroom or a combination of both, we’ve put together a monthly membership for September – December 2020 that includes weekly:

Sunday Night Family Meditation – LIVE via Zoom – 7 pm CST

Meditation Coach and Guide, Vanessa Feils, will guide your entire family through a LIVE meditation session preparing you for your week through intention setting, leaving you with tools and a theme to support your week ahead.

Wednesday – weekly virtual check-in & bi-weekly LIVE Emotional Support Check-ins via Zoom

Dr.s Erin & Elizabeth will be checking in with you every Wednesday virtually. For this virtual check-in, you will need to submit your responses to the questions that are available to you every week by Tuesday night at 9 PM CST. Based on your responses you will then receive specific emotional clearing for you and your family. We will make sure that you understand how to do the clearing at the beginning of the program. When indicated other emotional support may also be recommended.
Dr.’s Erin & Elizabeth will also be checking in LIVE bi-weekly via Zoom. This live session provides a group focus added coaching for further emotional support.

This program includes support in:

Health + Nutrition – You will be healthy in body, mind, and spirit. Our primary focus with this membership is handling not only the stressors of your daily life, but also processing your emotions. We are also going to encourage you to have daily movement along with supporting your body with whole food nutrition.

Mindfulness – We want you to get into the habit of setting an intention for what your week will look like. This will not only help you get into a structure, but also be able to flow with whatever the week brings.

Joining Options:

Monthly Membership – $250 per month

All 4 Months – $900 – Receive $100 off



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