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I offer customized personal coaching, an online Meditation Membership program, an 8 Week intensive online course and can be hired for personal and professional events!

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If you are wondering how I can benefit you, I offer a complimentary 20 minute initial consultation by phone. Schedule a meeting through my appointment calendar to get started.

In 20 minutes you can expect a break through, at least 1 take-away tool and a plan on how to move forward.

I look forward to meeting you!

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Custom Coaching Packages

The Initial 90 minute Session is designed to jumpstart your journey, set a foundation and get you gaining momentum.

In our first session I listen and ask a lot of carefully chosen questions. Through this methodical interview, along with a guided meditation, I start to identify the blocking patterns that are holding you back from getting to your desired outcome: meeting your True Self. By simply gaining a keener sense of awareness and learning from your obstacles, they begin to dissolve.

We don’t change overnight—this process takes practice! In our following weeks together, we will focus on getting you on your journey towards your True Self and realizing your potential. Simultaneously you will begin to notice subtle shifts in many areas of your life. These shifts are presented as opportunities to learn more about yourself and act as road signs directing your way. I will serve as an accountability partner and provide exercises and tools to support your journey.

Standard Package

5½ hours (1 month)
We begin with an extended 90-minute session, then onto our 4 weekly or bi-weekly, hour-long sessions.

How to decide?

Let me help you, book a free Discovery Call with me to make sure you’ll get the best possible option.

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Online Meditation Membership Program 

For those seeking hands-off personal guidance, I also offer a Membership Meditation option, which includes members-only LIVE weekly guided meditation and a Facebook support group!

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ACTV8 – 8 Week Course  

ACTV8 is an 8 week online course, for “woke professionals” to receive a vibrational upgrade in every area of their life. Led by spiritual guide Vanessa Feils, this robust course is designed to guide you right into alignment with your soul path. If you’ve had a knowing for quite some time that you have more to give, this is the course for you. The energy on the planet has your back – and those constant nudges are no coincidence. This guidance and community support will ACTV8 you into the present moment, helping you to see your power right NOW! We’ll immediately break through any blocks or limiting beliefs that keep you from powerfully creating, hone your gifts and get your talents launched into the world – all while receiving the abundance to do so.

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You Call It!

Aside from personal and one-to-one sessions, I also offer several services for your private or public event!

  • Public Speaking
  • Lead a Guided Meditation
  • Teach a Class or Workshop
  • Guide an On-going Series
  • Collaborative Projects and Podcasts


Some of the topics I’ve taught during my own classes and collaborations in the past have included:

  • Demystifying Meditation: It’s bringing the YOU into your life
  • Attracting High Vibrational Relationships
  • Love is a Vibration: Choose love over fear all of the time
  • Getting Your Creativity Back
  • Become a Warrior of Your Own Heart

For more details about these topics, audience participation, outcomes, and rates – please contact me at

Other Options

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Online Membership

For those seeking hands-off personal guidance, I also offer a Membership option, which includes members-only guided meditation, Facebook support group, and a monthly personal check-in via phone, Skype or Google Hangouts.

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Classes & Events

I hold monthly guided meditation classes focusing on a variety of different topics—from body image to harnessing creative energy—in my awesome downtown Minneapolis space. I look forward to seeing you in class!

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What Clients are saying about V

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  • She has helped me become more centered and to observe myself from a place of compassion; inspired me to explore new choices and become more fully aligned with my true nature. Wendy Shragg
  • She takes concepts and topics that have previously felt annoying or stale or taboo, and she makes them so interesting and fun!Susan Ray
  • The biggest thing I learned from my time with Vanessa is that I have everything I need already inside of me- I never need to look outside of myself for love, support, wisdom. This has made all the difference and I do feel like I’ve truly taken back and realized my power.Alyssa Scott
  • I have pursued other professionals in the past, with little to no success. With Vanessa, I have learned proactive strategies on how to be more present, mindful and overall more accepting of myself.Molly Madich
  • I was hesitant on calling Vanessa. When I looked at her website I thought, “Oh she is so young, what is she going to know about the life experiences of a 54 year old?” My spirit guides kept encouraging me though, so I finally called and I’m so glad I did!Lorri Kulberg
  • It wasn’t until I started working with Vanessa that I realized there were thoughts and experiences so engrained in my mind from childhood and that they were negatively affecting my energy and preventing my physiology from changing. Carolyn Filla
  • I learned that things happen to you to test and grow you, and now I approach things by “How far can I push the limit for myself?” Arthur Fields
  • A year after having the pleasure of crossing paths with Vanessa and completing the Wake Up Package – I would say I have more than ‘woken up’ in so many more aspects of my life, more than I could’ve realized! As a person, my world and I have changed from the inside out.Amanda Ellinghuysen