It’s Time to Access Balance: Defining Your Business Edge in 2019 w/ Kristin Rowell & Vanessa Feils


Do you work in a male-dominated field? As a women leader, it can be easy to fall into thinking we have to match a masculine style of power in order to feel heard. In this time of global change, female and male leaders may find themselves at a crossroads, uncertain or confused as to how to navigate ahead smoothly when confronted with masculine dominance.

By accessing feminine energy, our systems can come into balance to lead more effectively than ever before. Aligning to our feminine energy is less about words and more about coming into our powerful presence that commands respect.

Men and women, come gain access to ease and the energetic power of the feminine. You are more powerful than you know!

In this lecture, you are going to gain access to your divine feminine through:

  • Two powerful guided meditations
  • A three part teaching that you will be guided to start activating into your life during this lecture
  • Real life examples from Kristin and Vanessa’s experience accessing the divine feminine

BONUS – With your purchase of this lecture, you will be invited to participate in a live Zoom call with Kristin and Vanessa to get your personal questions answered!



Note to Attendee

Please note that this is a pre-recorded lecture. As soon as you make your purchase, you will receive access to the lecture through your e-mail. Refunds will NOT be issued.