Big Vibe High Sticker


In response to the high demand for the awesome “Vibe High” 2.5 inch sticker we recently put out there, we’ve went and made a HUGE version! This one is for the thousands of men and women worldwide (nod nod) who helped make make “Vibe High” the true, ultimate statement it is—and this is your chance to join in.


This “Vibe High” sticker is 4 inches by 4 inches (10.16 cm by 10.16cm) in a high-gloss vinyl, suitable for indoors and outdoors. Stick it anywhere you would like to be reminded to “take the sunny-side” of your day. What you put out there is what you get back, afterall.

We’re taking orders for one, three or five of these gigantoid stickers, so there are plenty to go around.


We are energetic beings, sending off different frequencies every second of every day. When we Vibe High we not only send out vibes that have the ability to raise consciousness, we also attract more of that back. Wearing the Vibe High frequency is a bonus!


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Sticker Dimensions

  • 4 in by 4 in (U.S.)
  • 10.16 cm by 10.16 cm