Annie Westfall

annie-westfallI lost my son, Justin 13 years ago. I met Vanessa through my niece Katie and I’m so thankful I did. I feel I’ve never healed from losing him. I’ve been becoming more spiritual since his passing trying to understand why this happened to us and what happens after death. While on this journey on this earth, I heard about Vanessa’s Meditation event at the Onalaska Public Library. It was the same night as my son, Justin’s birthday so I really wasn’t sure I wanted to spend his birthday there instead of with my family but I’m so glad I did. In that meeting, I could feel the love and kindness from all the like minded people around me. What a joy to be with loving people. The next night I had my first appointment with Vanessa. We spent 2 hours together going through my life events mainly talking about all the difficult, painful memories of all Justin’s hospitalizations and then death. I had never told anyone so much of it at one time. It was emotionally exhausting and so painful to relive.

Vanessa then led me into a guided meditation.

Vanessa said that Justin had been with me the this whole time, 13 years. After he had died, his soul stayed with me, he was wrapped around my heart trying to comfort me. Justin said he wasn’t going to ascend until we did a blessing for his father, who also needed this to help heal. I loved having him with me but I knew in my heart it was best for both of us for him to continue on his journey. I know that we will meet again and can’t wait for that day but for now I will start really living my life on this earth.

Vanessa helped Justin move on and told me that he would be giving me a sign soon.

This was on a Wednesday evening, early Thursday morning I woke up to the feeling of my heart pounding so hard I could feel it pounding right through my skin. I thought I was dreaming. All day Thursday, my heart hurt so much I thought I had had a heart attack and thought many times I should go to the doctor but because of all the terrible memories I have with doctors I didn’t go. Friday morning my heart was still hurting. My heart has hurt at times over the years but nothing like this. As I was getting ready for work wondering again if I should go to the doctor, I heard this fluttering sound in my room. I thought at first I was hearing things but then I heard the sound of a bird flapping its wings 4 or 5 different times in my bedroom all within about 10 minutes time. I know now that it was Justin flying away and ascending to heaven. This was the sign that Vanessa said he would give me. Amazing! I had never heard the sound of a bird in my bedroom before and I have lived in my home since 1990. I literally wondered if a bird was in my room, that is how real this sound was. This was a miracle! My heart still hurt but later that day I was laughing several times and the more I laughed the more the pain went away. By Friday afternoon my pain went away. I truly believe that Vanessa made all this happen. My heart feels lighter now and I am opening to loving again and living life again. I am so excited for what the future holds and my spiritual journey on this earth. Thank you Vanessa for helping heal me and my family. We all needed this healing.