Kelly Dahlman

kellyDalhmanI was guided to Vanessa because I wanted to connect with myself in a deeper way and was looking for guidance around work, being a young woman, going after what was important to me, and most of all, being happy.

Vanessa and I clicked right away, she was open, honest and an incredible listener. She understood where I was coming from and immediately helped me draft a plan on how to start the transformation process.

Vanessa has an amazing way with words.

She truly put many fears/thoughts/anxieties in perspective and taught me how to channel my energy in a positive way and treat the unknown as a place of excitement and opportunity instead of feeling stuck, negative, and in many ways, hopeless. With Vanessa’s help, I am making a career change and shifting many facets of my life to better myself, my body and my mind. I would recommend her to anyone!

Vanessa often says, “You are exactly where you need to be.” This is extremely powerful when you really let it sit in. Sometimes when we’re going through a tough or scary time, we go to a negative place. “My job sucks…” “My relationship isn’t working out….” “My life is awful…”

Everyone (no matter who you are!) goes through different obstacles and when you allow yourself to turn those challenges into ways to grow, learn, listen and improve, you are serving yourself and bettering your life. Treat the tough times as part of your personal journey to get to a better place. This is what Vanessa teaching, and I’m eternally grateful to have met and worked with her!

Kelly Dahlman