woman_head_silhouetteAnxiety is awful to deal with. It lies to you, it blocks you from your true self, it creates thoughts and images in your head that no human should ever think of. It can get so out control that it makes you hide from the world. It makes you feel so worthless and small that you begin to believe your life’s purpose is to eat chips and watch TV all day. Anxiety is your mind being the biggest bully to your own self. I personally have dealt with anxiety since I was a kid. I have gone back and forth between living out of place of love and fear, mainly fear, for a long time. I have tried several things to keep my self aligned with love like therapy, eating healthy and exercise. It has all helped but worry was still creeping in my mind often. I still did not feel aligned with my true self. 

I eventually attracted Vanessa’s Life Styling into my life. It has been a life changing work. Since working with Vanessa I have learned a spiritual practice that has relieved my anxiety more so then anything else I have tried. Our one on one sessions and her classes have been a place I can turn to for strength and to feel safe. It has also brought me to a community of people full love and support. She has taught me how to quiet my mind and go deep into meditation to connect with my higher self. The results from her guided meditations and my own practice have brought me to place where I can feel grounded and not worried daily. The spiritual practice that she has guided me too is has been the best Xanax ever.