Lorri Kulberg

lorriKulbergAbout six months prior to meeting with Vanessa, I had been through a major job change, the passing of a very special lady, and a major life change. I could feel the ‘blues’ creeping into my world.

I knew I needed to talk with someone who could help talk me through these events, but at the same time I wanted that someone to be able to guide me into building a business of my own. And I wanted someone who would keep my faith and holistic/psychic experiences in the mind.

Vanessa was perfect for what I needed.

We met and talked as often as we felt I needed it. She used her intuitive skills to help guide our meetings and give me the boost I needed. She gave me little assignments because she knew it was what I needed to keep the momentum going.

And as a result of our work together, I am now a successful business owner. I do not limit myself, and now continue to educate myself on various healing modalities for my clients. But I have to admit, I was hesitant on calling Vanessa. When I looked at her website I thought, “Oh she is so young, what is she going to know about the life experiences of a 54 year old?” My spirit guides kept encouraging me though, so I finally called and I’m so glad I did!

Yes, even though she is younger than me, she brought me great insight to the world today, and I don’t regret a single moment of my time with her!

Lorri Kulberg, Reflexologist & Healer