Mary Colleen Ginley

Mary GinleyDescribe You

I’m 25 from Chicago and currently studying Interior Design at Parsons School of Design in New York City. I’m from a large family that I am used to putting before myself even if the toll is my own health/happiness. Creative thinker with a tendency to get stressed easily, feel anxious and over think.

What guided you to V?
What did you hope to achieve?

I met V when I was in Minnesota for work. The job I had at the time was a post-grad temporary sales position run out of Chicago. The firm was rather toxic but the experience led me to meet V. She almost immediately picked up my yearning for self improvement and guidance in all aspects of my life. I had seen therapists and tried multiple outlets to alleviate stress, etc. Overall, my goal has been to live in the present, allow things to run there course, and have faith in myself and others.


Describe your overall experience going through the Wake-Up Package.

After speaking to V of my childhood, lifestyle, goals, etc. , we were able to take a deeper look into the root of my thinking and feelings. This simple, new awareness itself helped my outlook on daily life drastically change.

Reflecting back to where you started before working with V, what are some of the most significant changes or shifts that have happened as a result?
Were there any insights that you discovered along the way?

It has been over a year since I began working with Vanessa. My life has gone from being a recent graduate living at home working toxic jobs with toxic bosses to moving to New York and following my dream of Interior Design. I continue to improve each day through utilizing exercises practiced with Vanessa in daily encounters, thoughts and problem solving. The journey has been one of a kind and meeting her has allowed me to actually start living and enjoy each present moment.