Describe You

I work in the healthcare field and am passionate about building a better more consumer friendly and efficient healthcare system. I come from a close knit family of five. For fun I am an avid traveler, sports fan, love working out and trying new restaurants in the MSP area.

What guided you to V?

A reconnection with an old friend, that guided me to V who I am very grateful for our reconnection.


Describe your overall experience going through the Wake-Up Package.

I started to recognize patterns in my life before I started going to V, but the patterns were confusing, yet I could tell they were connected. After going through the Wake-Up Package, a lot of the connections became crystal clear to me and I have been inspired to continue my introspection to put these pieces together.

Reflecting back to where you started before working with V, what are some of the most significant changes or shifts that have happened as a result?

Prior to going to V I was soul searching after recently becoming single. I had lots of changes that I needed to make to become my best self, changes that were precluding me from having healthy romantic relationships. I can confidently say that I have made these changes and elevated to a higher version of myself after going to V. Going forward, I am confident that these changes will empower a relationship rather than hinder it.

What else do you want us to know?

Once you start the process of shifting, going to V is the best money you can spend. It has shifted my life from cold and numb to warm and vibrant in the matter of months.