Molly Madich

MollyMadichDescribe You

I love spending time with my friends, family and dog, Jackie. 🙂 Getting outdoors is a must! I enjoy the sunshine and being by the lakes. I’m not only a sports fan, but also enjoy fitness/being active. I like to travel and I am constantly looking for opportunities to go on a new adventure.

What guided you to V?
What did you hope to achieve?

I have pursued other professions in the past, with little to no success. I never found or was taught the right tools to succeed and overcome boundaries like I have with Vanessa. In past experiences, I spent much of my time talking about my “feelings” and I never learned how to effectively manage them. With Vanessa, I have learned proactive strategies on how to be more present, mindful and overall more accepting of myself.


Describe your overall experience going through the Wake-Up Package.

Initially I felt uncomfortable as I was beginning to tap into my emotions and break the habits that I had been utilizing to mask my stress and uncertainties for years. I was slowly able to regain my confidence and find comfort within myself. I also learned the importance/significance of dedicating more time to taking care of myself so I am able to be a better daughter, sister and friend.

Reflecting back to where you started before working with V, what are some of the most significant changes or shifts that have happened as a result?
Were there any insights that you discovered along the way?

This experience has allowed me to become more present in the moment and be at peace with the unknown. I use to over analyze and be constantly worried about the future and if I had chosen the “right path” for myself. Now having worked with Vanessa, I am able to see and understand my true potential as well as the endless opportunities for personal and career oriented growth that I previously ignored.

What else do you want us to know?

I have become a more positive, grateful and understanding person and an overall more effective communicator.