Susan Ray

Susan RayDescribe You

I am a young woman who is incredibly passionate about exercise, health, and all things metaphysical. I currently work full-time as a data analyst and part-time as a yoga sculpt instructor, while formally studying Oriental Medicine and informally studying about happiness, health, spirituality, love, and relationships. I love to fill my days with yoga, strength training, lake walks, dates with friends, and lots of quality time with myself. I aspire to learn as much as I can about the physical body and the spiritual/energetic body, and to someday create a career out of helping people reach their optimal happiness and health.

What guided you to V?
What did you hope to achieve?

I was first guided to V by a friend who invited me to join her for V’s February lifestyle class, which was all about attracting high vibrational relationships and lovers. I had recently left a long-term relationship and was eager to clear out the old so I could move on and attract the new. After experiencing V’s energy and guidance in a group setting (and sleeping the most peaceful night’s sleep after her class), I felt compelled to start working with her one-on-one in hopes of further clearing out energy from old relationships, gaining guidance regarding my dream career, and receiving support as I navigated life with a terminally ill father.


Describe your overall experience going through the Wake-Up Package.

My experience with V started with a 20-minute phone call. I went into the call thinking we would talk about my romantic relationships and my career, but we spent most of our time talking about my family, and much to my surprise, there were a lot of family issues and energy I had been carrying around with me that needed to get cleared out. After our initial call, I could hardly wait to get in to work with V face to face. With each session, we uncovered, unwrapped, and unfolded more and more, we cleared out old patterns and energy, and we cut energetic cords. V has passed on some of the best advice I have ever been given, she’s recommended the most amazing books I’ve ever read, and I’ve felt lighter and much more deeply connected each step of the way. Something I love most about working with V is she takes notes during each session with you. After your session, she sends you a recap email with main points that were discussed, as well as really cool homework for you to complete. When you meet with her the next time, she reviews her notes and follows up on homework assignments so that you can keep moving forward each time you meet.

Reflecting back to where you started before working with V, what are some of the most significant changes or shifts that have happened as a result?
Were there any insights that you discovered along the way?

I feel like a completely new woman after beginning my journey with V. I have learned quite a lot about myself, and I have become much more deeply connected to the world around me. I have really learned how to love myself and consequently love others through V’s teachings as well as other teachings she has passed on to me. I feel I have developed compassion and have learned to let go of judgment and fear in my life. Most significantly, I have upgraded all my relationships. I have attracted several high vibrational romantic relationships to my life, almost immediately after beginning my journey with V. What used to be me chasing around boys who weren’t into me has turned into men coming into my life who want to shower me with romance, give 100% of their attention to me, and fully commit to relationships. I have also made several new friends who are super fun and share the same passions as I do, I have learned to take my own power back in old relationships that have felt out of balance, and I have mended my relationship with my mom, which is something I didn’t even know needed mending. To summarize, I now feel radiant, and I feel I am living into my divine feminine and feeling like the goddess that I am.

What else do you want us to know?

V is the coolest life stylist in the game. She takes concepts and topics that have previously felt annoying or stale or taboo, and she makes them so interesting and fun! I wish I could sit in session with V every day and just soak up all the magic and knowledge and love of the universe.