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Lifestyle Guide

Join my free 3 day virtual
Surrender Experience

In three short days you will...

Day one: You will access your places of struggle by declaring a breakdown to breakthrough.

Day two:  We discussed the nature of imprinting; we touch just how powerful our central nervous system is and that it requires slow, steady, sacred loving attention to begin to tend to the gaps that were imprinted in our first seven years of life. 

Day three: We conclude with a look at repair…we move to remember! 

Lifestyle Guide

Join me IRL at Watershed spa in Minneapolis for MindTravel meditation healing + ritual soak experience!
Summer dates coming soon!

The journey begins with me leading you through an immersive meditation to experience access to your higher self and innate wisdom prior to entering the bath ritual.

Start Your Journey

Start the Journey to a better, healthier, and happier YOU with Vanessa Rose. Whether you’re looking for a brief meditation or an extensive life-changing course, we have a service that will be perfect for you.



1 year container


This is a body of work that supports a deeper understanding of how reality works on earth and how YOUR human is designed to work with it, in harmony. This container is where you will remember information that you have always known. Currently enrolling for 2024!


Private Coaching

3 or 6 month programs

Schedule a 15 minute free consultation by phone where Vanessa will immediately provide a breakthrough for you to see that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be and offer the next steps for your continued growth.

Online Meditation Course


16 week online course

As we move into the new decade, you don’t have any more time to waste. This 16 week online course will guide you through a process that’s specifically tailored to you so you can start working from your place of passion and come into alignment with serving your purpose.

How I work With Clients

The Information Age gave us access to knowledge and information quickly. But no longer can we just be relying on what we know or are gathering in our podcasts and books. In order to activate what is actually possible for the individual, we need to be in the present moment right now. V’s signature breakthrough work gets you immediately in the experience of your life to begin accessing your readily available playbook.

Client Experiences

ˈmä-dərn ˈther-ə-pē

Modern Therapy

Life is much simpler than we allow it to be. Modern Therapy recognizes the shift in SUPER consciousness that has happened on our planet, and the deep need many have to reconnect with themselves and be of service to the world. From this foundation, Vanessa guides clients to discover self-conversation and spiritual practice that truly works for them.


My Philosophy

Technology has shown us that we can always be connected. This was actually the true design of your essence when you decided to drop down to embody your body here on earth. Do you desire a more wholesome connection with yourself? One that feels solid and peaceful?

You Were Created From a place of love

We were all born with innate potential and have entered this lifetime to have certain experiences and to learn from these experiences. Over years of conditioning (lineage, cultural influence, how we were parented, our educational systems, and the media) we begin at an early age to unconsciously adopt and conform to expected roles, thought processes, and perspectives. These thoughts and expectations are all-encompassing and determine the directions we then take in life, often leaving us unaware of our greater potential and losing sight of who we really are.

We Don’t Change Overnight

Spirituality and self-help can appear to be glamorous. In lieu of the false promise of a multitude of self-help books, podcasts and traditional therapy— that offer no desired response—my technique goes directly to the source to determine the obstacles keeping you from achieving the discovery of your true self. Once you set out to realize your full potential, and are dedicated to the work, you will begin to notice subtle shifts in many areas of your life. These shifts are often presented as opportunities to learn more about yourself and act as signs directing your way.

It’s not me, It’s You.

At some level (soul), we have agreed to come together to share, trust, and grow. I am not changing you, you are changing you! You already have everything you need inside of you: your experiences, your dreams, your living personality. As a Lifestyle Guide, I’m here to assist in guiding you back to your true self, who has been ready for you to return. At first, this can be a hard concept to grasp because most of us have been conditioned to think outside of ourselves, not within. You have perceived the experiences from your entire lifetime as either positive or negative.

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