Heidi Fish

On Sunday, January 27th, 2019 we took our family – myself, my husband and our 5 year old identical girls (Ali & Lucie) – to the Mall of America for a wellness event. It was at that event that we had the pleasure of doing a family meditation with Vanessa Feils.

First she asked the girls to pick which crystal they wanted to hold. Then she asked them to pick which crystals Mom and Dad needed to hold. I loved watching them use their intuitive energy to pick the crystal that we needed. I love empowering them to listen to that internal Divine voice. We then put on the MindTravel headphones.

I closed my eyes and resisted the urge to peek at the girls during the meditation. I had to trust that they were going to get out of it what they needed. Vanessa walked us through a beautiful child and family friendly mediation. We were guided to feel our energy connected with the earth and also connected up to our Divine Source. We created a flower that was blooming from our heads. We were then guided to a forest together – a forest with pink grass. It was there that we got to meet our spirit animals and receive a gift from them. We were given permission to see our animals again whenever we needed. She then guided us out of the meditation.

The girls did amazing and it was so enlightening to hear what their spirit animal was and what gifts they received. Vanessa asked me afterwards if we had gone through trauma together as a family. Yes, we had. The girls were born very young and we had a difficult first couple years of their lives. Vanessa said she cleared some of that for us. She hugged me and affirmed, “You’re doing a good job momma.” Even thinking back on that moment brings tears to my eyes.

Vanessa has a magical energy to see, clear, and heal things hidden deep inside. I’m grateful for that time together as a family with her. I’m grateful for the opportunity to raise our children in a world of consciousness. I highly recommend taking the time to go on this journey as a family with Vanessa as your guide.