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A 12 month Container

Receive the imprints of the earth 

A foundational series to live in the New World!
container Details
We begin In January With The start of the new year And we complete on December 21st With The Winter Solstice 

This is a body of work that supports a deeper understanding of how reality works on earth and how your human is designed to work with it, in harmony.

Are you ready to live in harmony with the earth?

Have you been feeling a deep desire to remember why you are here?

This 12 month container deepens you into understanding how time works through our innate relationship with nature and the earth. We are not seperate from mother earth. The recconection is a remembering of information that you have always known. The format includes transmission talks, meditation and group coaching, anchored by the earthly events. I teach from all the various access points that I receive information to support you in better understanding how you too have this access within you. Each earthly event will imprint the meditative transmissions I guide, these transmission are designed to impact the vastness of your life that is yet to come.

You’re invited to join the first container of its kind

Phase I
We will create a whole new way – just as your spirit has manifested this invitation into this container.

When you honor this level of intelligence, it begins to expand and grow you. Allowing you to meet the divinity on your path versus the notion you’ve had to chase it.

The Earthly Events that will Inform Phase I
Spring Equinox
Solar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse
Summer Solstice

Phase II
We will release the old dogmatic forms of success and step into a spherical approach to reality.
How you can apply this to your life right now

Being hard on yourself to finally figure it out, is the old success model at play. What if your frustration was actually your intuitive knowing that you are already successful and ready to step into a much grander expanded space?

The Earthly Events that will Inform Phase II
Fall Equinox
Solar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse
Winter Solstice

New world living

Earthly Not Monthly

THIS LEVEL OF LIVING requires so much shifting within our physiology.

For this reason, you will be held in community for a non-linear 8 month journey. 

Live Calls will be on:

Sundays from 2 – 4 pm CST 

January 7, 2024 – New Moon Session

 *all dates are subject to change and will  be available by replay

Additional Container Resources:
LIVE Group Coaching sessions over Zoom
Real Time support
deeper community connection

Guiding principles for our 8 month container

Let’s get it right this time. Radical responsibility begins with knowing that you are inherently a good person. If your only resolve in the past, was shrinking, thinking that taking responsibility resulted in you feeling bad, that is not a sustainable solution. We are going to bring responsibility into alignment so that you can begin to feel freedom through responsibility.
Getting into right relationship with yourself and everything. This Universal law understands that we must have equal exchange in all that we give and receive.
Are you willing to be responsible for where your expanded reality is ready to take you to transform your physical reality?

The real transmission around reciprocity is through the intention of expanding realities. It is time to step off our pedestals and try this new way. It is normal to desire to take your old processes with you when you don’t quite understand.

We step into innovation and begin to exchange frequency as possibility!

Confusion for Intelligence
As young children our brilliance of truth can stun our caregivers, leaving them uncomfortable with how to respond in truth. It is common when this happens that our intelligent guidance system now results to confusion leaving us walking through life with gaps of cognitive dissonance.

Repair is needed and that is what we will be doing in this 8 month container.

We are able to be aware of multiple things at once and that is how we live into an expanded reality in the new world!

Lack for Creativity
Similar to our intelligence, when we get into confusion we lose access to our creativity through action. You may relate to feeling dull or bored in your day to day life, wondering is this really why I am living. It may even feel overwhelming to consider changing things as it could bring up immediate fears based in lack.

If the desire is there to expand your creative flow, then is is time to release the coating of lack so that your work in the world can be received!

What really is trust?

How do you know something to be true?

We will be exploring the basics of our physiology to support your journey of repair with trust. This work happens in the nervous system. We need to feel safe, which begins in the body to be able to expand our network and hold it sustainable.

This will be something we tend to for the entirety of our earthly journey in a body.

Honoring the Newness
Through these slow and simple principles things start to feel new! The more we receive, we come into a remembering. This will require a lot of letting go to make space for all the expansion.

This is powerful work to do in a community as you will also begin to receive new and expanded relationships aligned to what you have been dreaming and desiring.

Through the practice of being aligned with the earths cycles we remember how it all is designed to work on harmony.

You are the source that carries the divine code!

There is no mold or formula to live in the new way and that is what we are teaching here.

You are the conduit that is living in a time of major transition. Doing the repair to remember is the solution for the current cycles.

Being in right relationship through responsibility is how we get back to living in harmony with the earth.

Investment – $200 / month for 12 months

This is an invitation to tend to what is most important, your experience of getting to live in harmony with the earth and your body. We are living in a time of repair and this community supports the process of you aligning to the principles in nature and finally feeling what you’ve always known to be true. You will know it to be true because this information is coded in your blood and tissue. When we enter into a container we do not go looking for anything, we honor what comes up and tend to it. As we go along maintaining our life through right relationship we may look up and witness all of our desires existing as reality. Get ready to thrive during your next cycle around the sun. I am honored to be in communion navigating this spiral of life.