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a 6 month Container

A foundational series to live in the New World!
container Details
TBD 2023 – TBD 2023
This is a body of work that supports a deeper understanding of how reality works on earth and how your human is designed to work with it, in harmony.

Are you ready to live in harmony with the earth?

Have you been feeling a deep desire to remember why you are here?

This 6 month container will be a remembering of information that you have always known. The format will consist of teachings from all the various access points along with meditative transmissions that will impact the vastness of your life that is yet to come.

You’re invited to join the first container of its kind

Phase I
We will release the old dogmatic forms of success and step into a spherical approach to reality.
How you can apply this to your life right now
Being hard on yourself to finally figure it out, is the old success model at play. What if your frustration was actually your intuitive knowing that you are already successful and ready to step into a much grander expanded space.
Phase II
We will create a whole new way – just as your spirit has manifested this invitation into this container.

• When you honor this level of intelligence, it begins to expand and grow you. Allowing you to meet the divinity on your path versus the notion you’ve had to chase it.

New world

THIS LEVEL OF LIVING requires so much shifting within our physiology. For this reason, we will be going on a 6 month journey together, gathering for (13) 90 minute segments but not in a linear pathway. As a part of this powerful teaching you will not be agreeing to this container because it fits in your schedule. You will agree to the energy exchange because you can feel it has value and benefit in your SOUL!

Guiding principles for our 6 month container

• Lets get it right this time
• This is not a shrinking, this is your only was of having resolve in the past
• Anytime the universal source tries to support you, you put it in an old classification of…
• An equal exchange
• Are you willing to be responsible for where you expanded reality is ready to take you to transform your physical reality
• The real transmission is through intention of expanding realities
• Step off our pedestal and try this new way and I am totally concerned with taking the old processes with me – we step into innovation
• Begin to exchange this frequency as a possibility
Confusion for Intelligence
• Intelligence will guide you
• We are able to be aware of multiple things at once and that is how we live in an expanded reality.
Lack for Creativity
• Expand your desires and create flow
• Release the coating of lack so that your work in the world can be received
• What it really is
Honoring the newness
• The more you will receive and expand through it = sustainable
• We have things like this in the earth all the time
• You are the source that carries the divine code
• There is no mold or formula to live in the new way and that is what we are teaching here

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